Holloways: The (Secret) Agents That Will Change Your Home Design!

Do you need home design advices? Holloways will give you all the answers!

Holloways of Ludlow has more than thirty years of experience – and counting! – and they are definitely here to stay. The UK agents already have their own legacy, by being the leaders in the design industry. If you need to redecorate your home, or if you are planning to buy a new house, they’ll deal with every single detail!

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Holloways: The (Secret) Agents That Will Change Your Home Design!
Holloways … or should we say always? They will find the way to fulfill your home design dreams! If you are moving, and you do not want to pass that stage of stress, these secret agents, will find the best options taking into consideration what you want as a final result, never forgetting aesthetics and functionality.

Holloways: The (Secret) Agents That Will Change Your Home Design!The UK firm is specialized in unusual, unique and individual contemporary and traditional fittings and fixtures.
Holloways: The (Secret) Agents That Will Change Your Home Design!
With more than thirty years of experience of delivering the best of the part in the design market, they have become the leaders of the industry by never stop searching for the best of lighting fixtures, furniture and fittings.

Nowadays, the team offers a wide range of lighting fixtures, fittings, bathroom fittings and fixtures. Besides that, it also offers fixtures and other items for every part of your home.

The UK agents are concerned about the pieces that they supply. The have a list of thing to check before choosing the piece to offer their clients.
“Our ever growing range incorporates key item from the very best design brands plus items from smaller designer makers that you will not find elsewhere”, says the team about the furniture pieces.

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For example, the products have to have a unique design, with top-notch material. The piece has to have its own fingerprint and be outstanding for itself.

“We are the exclusive UK agents for many international lighting brands that you simply won’t find anywhere else.”

Holloways always have a way to find exactly what you dream about, and they invite you to explore all the products they have to offer. “Our lighting range is unrivalled and encompasses all of the major lighting brands plus dozens of smaller brands and designer makers. We scour the world for new designs and undertake high profile projects all over the world”, says the team.

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