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Homo Faber 2018: Creating A More Human Future!

Homo Faber 2018 is an inspiring exhibition that is coming to Venice, and it has the goal to bring back the forgotten arts and crafts!

Time is passing by, and it is impossible not to notice that several arts and craftsmanship have been forgotten. It will occur in the beautiful San Giorgio Maggiore Island, in Venice, between the 14th and the 30th of September. Why should you attend this exhibition? Because you’ll have the opportunity to discover hundreds of luxury design works crafted by Europe’s finest master artisans.

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Homo Faber Meaning

Homo Faber, in Latin, means the “Man, The Maker” and this is the concept of human beings to be able to control their fate and their environment through tools.

We believe that the name could not be more well chosen, due to its characteristics and goals. Are you ready to get to know more about this international exhibition that will revolutionize the world? Continue scrolling!

Homo Faber 2018

Covering nearly 4,000 square metres, Homo Faber will offer the public a rare opportunity to explore the island and the magnificent complex of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, including areas that are generally not accessible to the public.

Organized by the Michelangelo Foundation, the international cultural event will showcase fine contemporary, traditional and rare craftsmanship, and its relation with the world of design and creativity. Visitors will be able to meet master artisans or virtually enter their workshops, to observe conservators at work and wander through worlds of fine craftsmanship.

“Exponential growth has also carried with it a few losses though. When it comes to luxury, one of them, quite simply, is fun: the fun of discovery”

It will be an experience of a lifetime! Being able to meet master artisans and find more about their know-how through live demonstrations, and much more.

The Conferences

You’ll be able to listen to new ideas and expert voices throughout the program of Creativity and Craftsmanship Conferences. From breathtaking jewelry to bespoke bicycles, from fascinating skills on the brink of disappearing to some of the most sought after icons associated with European style, Homo Faber will cover a wide range of materials and disciplines and celebrates the human spirit and talent of the creators.

From 14th to 30th September, every afternoon in the Squero hall at Homo Faber, the protagonists of craftsmanship and artistic and creative excellence will share their vision and discuss with the public.

Homo Faber

Meet the face of the future of European fine craftsmanship

Homo Faber

A unique educational initiative of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and the Michelangelo Foundation, the Young Ambassador programme brings some of the most talented and motivated students of the applied arts and design to Homo Faber.

Homo Faber

Over 100 students were carefully selected from 26 top European educational establishments which are part of the Michelangelo Foundation’s network of like-minded organizations.

Homo Faber

Infectiously enthusiastic about design and craftsmanship, coming from 15 different countries and speaking 20 languages, the Young Ambassadors will immerse themselves in the content of each of Homo Faber’s 14 exhibit spaces and share their passion and knowledge with visitors.

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Homo Faber 2018: Creating A More Human Future!

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