Bologna Design Week: Get Ready For Tomorrow!

Ciao! Grab your agenda and start planning the next days! 

If you are a design lover, we are sure that you are already in Italy for the event of the month! Bologna Design Week starts tomorrow and we selected the best design events that will happen, so you can organize yourself and have the best of the best!

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Bologna Design Week: Get Ready For Tomorrow!
BDW will celebrate its forth edition, and will happen all over the city between the 25th to the 29th of September. If you are checking your calendar… yes! It’s already tomorrow, however we are sure that if you are a design lover, you already planned the days off and you’re currently eating a slice of pizza in Italy!

Bologna Design Week: Get Ready For Tomorrow!
Bologna Design Week 2018 will offer a different options of events all over the city, and we know that sometimes it’s hard to organize ourselves, so your favorite inspirational blog has done all the work for you!
Bologna Design Week: Get Ready For Tomorrow!
On each day, the city will have different events going on, and you can choose even the type of event you prefer attending!
Bologna Design Week: Get Ready For Tomorrow!
The main location will present the most important events of Bologna Design Week. The opening will happen at the Palazzo Isolani! The building, with over 900 square meters of exhibition space distributed in 10 frescoed rooms, is a unique opportunity to visit a historic private home where the best brands of international design interact and compare themselves between cultural heritage and production.
Bologna Design Week: Get Ready For Tomorrow!
This place will be filled with a lot of action during all the days of the design event! Workshops, cocktails, design night, and much more! You can mark on your agenda that is the main place where you can guarantee that you’ll have the best time!
Bologna Design Week: Get Ready For Tomorrow!
On the second day, you can go to a different location in the city, and have a special and peculiar experience! In the Arredamenti Matteuzzi showroom, these prestigious brands will come together to create an exceptional kitchen set-up!

“Spazio 3M will “come to life” from the combination of these three companies that, in addition to the initial, share a love for home, design and high quality”

If you like being entertained, you can also attend different performances that will be exhibit during the BDW 2018! Fashion, Design, and much more!
We hope that we helped you understanding better the main of the Italian Design Event! You can also access the website and download the free app, so you can check all the goodies that are going on in the city! Ciao!

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