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Every Interior Design Project has to have the X factor!

Made X Munich is a German Interior Design Company that has the goal to create indoor and outdoor concepts that gathers man and space! Continue scrolling to meet the team behind the magic and see their projects!

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Made X Munich: Get To Know The X Factor!


First of all, we want to present the team behind the magic of design! Markus Rubsch, Monika Atzenbeck, Angelika Progner-Günther, Vera Schäfer-Amthor, together they form the interior design team that promises to turn your design dreams into reality!

Made X Munich: Get To Know The X Factor!
Probably, you are asking what the X in the company’s name stands for. Well, the X factor stands for comprehensive indoor and outdoor space concepts, as well as their implementation on a national and international level” – Made X Munich
Made X Munich: Get To Know The X Factor!
Made X Munich: Get To Know The X Factor!
The team believes that Interior Design has everything do to with crafts, when speaking about an initial phase. The next steps are fundamental to create something real, something cohesive! The goal of the design team is to find the perfect point between man and space – the perfect coexistence.

“Style is freedom in the head.”
– Andrée Putman

Made X Munich: Get To Know The X Factor!
Made X Munich: Get To Know The X Factor!
Knowledge feeds creativity, and the team wants to continue its excellence. A professional interior design company that tries to find peace, freedom, harmony in every project. Without freedom, it’s impossible to feel the space connected with the individual.
Made X Munich: Get To Know The X Factor!
To guarantee that the projects are exactly what the clients are looking for, a responsible interior design clarifies all the steps.
Made X Munich: Get To Know The X Factor!

And we are talking about a wide range of projects, from kitchens to bedrooms, from offices to living rooms, from indoors to outdoors. The aim is to create a design space that puts together a living and working space, at the same time.

The company, besides private design projects, also have projects of spaces where people should feel comfortable, such as restaurants and bars.

As we can notice, this particular design company’s main goal is to find the balance of their clients’ lives, and provide them a peaceful environment. They say that the quality of an ambiance can determine the way that we feel about our lives.

“Without work, talent is worth nothing.”
Serge Lutens

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If you need any interior design project with the X factor, this is the right choice for you! The first step will be the choice of the objects, because Made X Munich believe that  “every place has the capacity for perfection and we deal with overall planning and floor plan design. Proven tools of purposeful creativity are structures: material concept, color concept, lighting concept”. Two words: Future Design!

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