Growing since 1978!

MILIA is a design company that works on the fields of interiors, offering its clients a wide range of different design products. It’s the largest home furniture store in the South of Italy, however the Italian Company is spread worldwide!

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MILIA: The Largest Furniture Store in South Italy!
Miliashop is the largest furniture store in the South of Italy, however this is not the only thing! The dynamic company opened its first store in 1978 by the siblings Camillo, Salvatore, Michele and Lucia Milia.
MILIA: The Largest Furniture Store in South Italy!
Besides being siblings they shared more than that! They shared the love and interest for the world interior design trends, and decided to first invest in influential Italian Design Brands.

Fifteen years later, they opened a new store and the growth was visible! We are talking about a furniture store with over 10.000 sqm of home furniture and interior design ideas distributed over three floors.

Since then, they guarantee the best selection of curate design pieces and assistance when it comes to architecture and interior design.
The company has its own team of interior designers and architects that will hear all the clients’ needs to turn their design dream into reality!

The team believes that is important that your house speaks for yourself, and represent who you really are! The company loves imagining projects that are build around people, and for people’s needs, bringing projects to life!

The company first started with Italian Design Brands, however nowadays the selection of products and styles are for every taste!

“From Paris to New York, from Hong Kong to Melbourne”

The team is always up-dated with the latest design trends, however it’s the clients’ needs, concepts and ideas that most matters.

Miliashop ships worldwide, and this year it has changed its logo and website. The result? A beautiful and harmonious website, where design lovers can travel through different styles, brands, and different categories of products.

The company works alongside with several important and international design brands such as Artemide, DeligthFULL, Foscarini, and much more.


MILIA also has a showroom that opened in 2008, and it is, with its 5000sqm of design products, one of the biggest showrooms in Italy!

Address: Viale Aldo Moro, 236
92026, Favara (AG), Italy

If you attend the showroom, feel free to try the Interior Design Service that the company offers. It’s a unique experience since the very first start, because the client has the opportunity to ‘work’ alongside with the interior designer.
We hope that our article inspired you to choose the best of design, and let Miliashop choose the best of the best design pieces for you!

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