"If I Had You" Etta Lamp! Now You Can Have It!

“Don’t Misunderstand”! Etta Lamp is available and it’s waiting for you!

Etta Lamp is an exquisite lighting design, inspired by the one and only Etta Jones. Today’s Etta’s death anniversary, and we couldn’t pass this date without giving her the right tribute! Discover everything about Etta Lamp, inspired bu the jazz Goddess!

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Etta Lamp was inspired by the one and only, Etta Jones. Etta was an American jazz singer that was born on the 25th of November, 1928. Her deep and peculiar voice was noticed by everyone, and even now her music is listened.
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Her most well known works were Don’t go to Strangers and Save your love for me. The first album mentioned actually belongs to the Grammy Hall of Fame and several other works were nominated for a Grammy Prize. No wonder DelightFULL decided to be inspired by her, and came up with a beautiful lighting design: Etta Lamp! Get to know it a little bit better!
"If I Had You" Etta Lamp! Now You Can Have It!
Etta Pendant Lamp is the perfect choice when you want to keep it simply, yet classy. It is a mid-century lighting design that brings all the elegance from the classics of the fifties.
"If I Had You" Etta Lamp! Now You Can Have It!
It’s handmade in brass by DeligthFULL’s talented artisans, that use ancient techniques to come up with this master piece! You can choose a different finish, size and type of bulb!
"If I Had You" Etta Lamp! Now You Can Have It!
If you are looking for a chandelier, but you’re in love with Etta’s Pendant, we have the perfect solution! Be enchanted by the elegancy of this beautiful brass chandelier! You can choose the height and also the diameter of the lamp.
"If I Had You" Etta Lamp! Now You Can Have It!
There is a wide range of options when speaking about the finishes that are available: gold plated, nickel plated, black nickel plated, copper, and much more!
"If I Had You" Etta Lamp! Now You Can Have It!
Last, but not least, you can also choose as many layers as you want to add the right sized piece to your design project. We aren’t designers, but we are sure that this is a sure thing for a staircase décor!
"If I Had You" Etta Lamp! Now You Can Have It!
Etta wall is a minimalistic lamp that will transform your boring wall into a very interesting one! The lighting effect is absolutely remarkable!

Besides all that, it’s also the perfect choice for a contract project. It’s like you’ve heard before: Better than one Etta Wall, is two of them!
"If I Had You" Etta Lamp! Now You Can Have It!
Here you can see the details of the lamp and the delicacy of its producers. The fact that is handmade adds a special thing to it. It’s like the lamp has its own fingerprint. DelightFULL thought that this would be the right tribute to Etta Jones, and they hit the jackpot with this one, that’s for sure!

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