Turner Table Lamp is Ready To Ship!

Turn Table Turner as many times as you want … in no time!

Yes, you read it right! Turner Table Lamp, inspired by the one and only, Tina Turner, is ready to ship, and you can have it in No Time! This handmade lamp is one of the most iconic pieces from the Portuguese Lighting Brand, and you’ll understand why!

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Turner Table Lamp is Ready To Ship!
Turner Lamp was inspired by the one and only – Tina Turner! And now you’re probably asking how a lamp can be inspired by a music icon. This one, is pretty easy and you’ll understand immediately! Turner Lamp is the most dynamic lamp ever!
Turner Table Lamp is Ready To Ship!
Many had, and has been doing, tributes to the peculiar Tina Turner. Everything about her is unique: her style, voice, and dance moves! DeligthFULL also decided to do a tribute to this legend and came up with Turner Lamp.
Turner Table Lamp is Ready To Ship!
Turner Table Lamp is a mid-century lighting piece that has 5 movable arcs, and you can have pretty much a different table lamp every single day! It’s the perfect table lighting piece to complete your living room décor!
Turner Table Lamp is Ready To Ship!
Turner Table Lamp is ready to ship, however the Turner Family has more than one member, and they are a family that get along very well!
Turner Table Lamp is Ready To Ship!
Turner Lamp is a master piece, handmade in brass and aluminum. All DeligthFULL’s pieces are handmade and the talented artisans use peculiar and ancient techniques to come up with this beauty!
Turner Table Lamp is Ready To Ship!
The shade is in aluminum, so you can choose a different color. The standard color is white, however black will always be black! If you want to achieve a sophisticated décor, this is a sure thing!
Turner Table Lamp is Ready To Ship!
However there are many other colors that you can choose! DelightFULL has 5 different standard colors, but you can access the RAL color’s website and give the reference of the color that you want to your brand ambassador. DelightFULL’s design studio will do exactly the Turner you are envisioning!
Turner Table Lamp
The base is in aluminum as wall, however you can also pick marble! There are 4 types of marble, so you can conclude that there are many possibilities to have an one and only Turner Table!
Turner is Ready to Ship, and you? What are you waiting for?

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