Gotham: Notting Hill's Design Company That Has Everything!

Making design magic since 2000!

Notting Hill is probably the most well known place of London. And, ironically, there is everyhting for you at the end of Pembridge Villas! Gotham is a British design store that offers you sereval design services, and can turn your design dreams into reality! Continue scrolling to get to know all the story behind it!
Gotham: Notting Hill's Design Company That Has Everything!
The magic started 18 years ago, when the couple – Dan Lonergan and Penney Frohling – launched a store in Notting Hill. Before opening the store, they analyzed that there was a gap on the market, and decided to take the risk.
“The name Gotham is derived from a Nottinghamshire village whose inhabitants were thought to be fools but turned out to be wise. The name perfectly expresses their aesthetic”
Gotham: Notting Hill's Design Company That Has Everything!
Actually, the whole story is quite amazing, because, this wish emerged from the anger of having a bad time searching for the right design piece. They so decided to create their own furniture store with a customization service, depending on the clients’ needs and wishes.
Gotham: Notting Hill's Design Company That Has Everything!
Gotham provides a wide selection of curate design pieces, since furniture, bespoke carpets, accessories for design professionals and lighting pieces.
Due to a collaboration with London-based photographer Stuart Redler, Gotham offers classic pictures in black and white.
Gotham: Notting Hill's Design Company That Has Everything!
The design pieces that are selected have to have a peculiar design, hand craftsmanship techniques, they have to be versatile, and embrace both the classic and the modern style.
Time equals money, and Gotham’s goal is to save yours by doing the job of selecting the pieces that you would have to spend lots of time visiting showrooms, and stores.
Besides that, Gotham’s services also include the space planning and design, by the owner and founder, Dan Lonergan that is an architectural designer himself. ” ‘Try it before you buy it’ – We are happy to allow clients to view pieces in situ. We only ask that you cover the transport back and forth”.
If you want to turn your design dreams into reality, visit the store, and start selecting your personalized design pieces!


17 Chepstow Corner
1 Pembridge Villas,
London W2 4XE


M-F: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sat: 11am – 5.00pm
Sun: Closed

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