Licht Plus Concept: The Best Of Both Worlds!

The right company to provide you the best lighting solutions!

With a wide experience on the field, Licht Plus Concept has been working with several different design projects. Well known on the market, L+C has provided the best lighting solutions. Continue scrolling to see more!

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Licht Plus Concept: The Best Of Both Worlds!
Michael Petersohn and Monica Giese-Loehrer are the director and administrator, respectively, of the German Company, Licht + Concept. A company designed to provide the right lighting fixtures for several different design projects.
Licht Plus Concept: The Best Of Both Worlds!
For more than 30 years, Licht + Concept, has been dealing with all the aspects of lighting, when speaking about private or commercial design projects. Actually, the company has done very interesting projects whether they are private ones such as private houses, apartments, offices, or even commercial spaces.
Licht Plus Concept: The Best Of Both Worlds!
Before the choices are made, every aspect is taken into consideration, in order to choose the most appropriate light for its clients. The German Company believes that this is more than a matter of light. It is a matter of serving its clients, and thinking about aesthetics and functionality.

Licht Plus Concept: The Best Of Both Worlds!

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The company offers a possibility of customization, so you can make very specific requests that Licht + Concept will get the idea and create a new concept of lighting that will fit your project. Besides offering the best lighting solutions, the company also has different types of services such as planning, selling and getting all together, taking a fair price into consideration.

Licht Plus Concept: The Best Of Both Worlds!

Licht + Concept will advise you the best way possible at your place or at the physical store, with any kind of commitment.

If you have a project in hands, don’t think twice and choose the best consultancy service on the market.



Büchel 40-42 · 52062 Aachen

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