Best Deal: 5 Mid Century Floor Lamps You Have to Get!

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Mid Century style is one of the top trends of 2018, so if you’re a design professional or a design lover, you probably want to purchase a piece that will make you travel back to the fifties. Today, Inspirations’ Blog will show the best deals regarding 5 mid century floor lamps you have to get!

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Best Deals: 5 Mid Century Floor Lamps You Have to Get!


Botti Floor Lamp is the first Floor Sample piece we want to show you! Botti is an exquisite lighting design inspired by the mid-century design and Chris Botti, the famous jazz musician. With this floor lamp, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of one of Chris Botti’s concerts. It’s the perfect choice to add to your living room décor, just right next to a vintage armchair.
Best Deals: 5 Mid Century Floor Lamps You Have to Get!

Botti Lighting Piece is handmade in brass, and you can choose another finish, size, type of bulb and even the number of shades. Available in gold plated, ready to ship in a distance of a click, your favorite lighting piece has the best deal ever! Are you going to miss this opportunity to have this beauty?
Best Deals: 5 Mid Century Floor Lamps You Have to Get!


Evans Floor Lamp is a peculiar floor lamp with different materials such as brass, aluminum and cord. It’s the perfect choice when it comes to choose the lighting fixture for your mid-century home décor.
Best Deals: 5 Mid Century Floor Lamps You Have to Get!

Available in gold plated and matte black, this floor lamp can be yours in no time! If you’re looking for the best Christmas gift for that design lover, wait no more!
Best Deals: 5 Mid Century Floor Lamps You Have to Get!


Diana Floor Lamp is the typical industrial design lighting piece, ideal to display in a vintage and retro ambiance. Diana XL has a body like wow, with a big colorful shade, inspired by the classics of the mid-century era.
mid century floor lamps

Handmade in aluminum, you can choose another color for your floor lamp, however if you’re a fan of glossy red, we have a deal that you won’t refuse!
mid century floor lamps


The Floor lamp was inspired by Dave Brubeck, and on his birthday (6th of December) nothing better than feeling inspired by one of the elements that belong to the Brubeck Lighting Family. It is a classic design, handmade in brass and aluminum and the best part is that it is on DeligthFULL’s Floor Samples Section.
mid century floor lamps

The asymmetry of the tubes are mesmerizing! The good news is that gold plated and black matte version is available.
mid century floor lamps

Last, but not least, Amy Floor Lamp is also on the Floor Sample section and you can get the best deal with this one. Impossible to say No, No, No! Go back to black with the glossy black and gold plated piece!

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Diana Floor Lamp

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