What is Hot on Pinterest: Marquee Lamps to Celebrate 2019!

New Year 2019 is knocking on the door and we’re ready to receive it!

It’s Friday, it’s the day of your favorite caption – What is Hot on Pinterest – and it’s almost Christmas and New Year’s Eve! If you’re planning on celebrating the start of a new year at your place, you have to have the best décor, and marquee lamps are a must have when it comes to celebrations!

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What is Hot on Pinterest: Marquee Lamps to Celebrate 2019!
In about three weeks, we’re getting ready for the most wanted day of the year: New Year’s Eve! Everything regarding this particular night is fancy, happy and hopeful! So, if you’re throwing a party at your place with family and friends, this might be the perfect article for you. It’s time to start planning everything and the ideal marquee lamps for the occasion are just over here and you can figure it out where you can find them! The best New Year’s Décor is right here!
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What is Hot on Pinterest: Marquee Lamps to Celebrate 2019!

Marquee Lamps are one of the top trends of the year and this is one trend that won’t leave as early! You can choose different letters, numbers and symbols from the Graphic Collection of DelightFULL. The best part of the mid-century lighting brand is that all the lighting pieces are handmade and customizable. You can change the pattern of the letter and even the size (big or small).

Usually the graphic collection is requested by hotels and interior designers or architects that have contract design projects in hands, and want the name of the hotel, restaurant and bar written with marquee lamps!

These marquee lamps are the perfect choice to achieve a cool lighting effect during the night!

Create different messages to inspire everyone in this new year! If you don’t have any ideas about what you should write, we found some good ones! What do you all need? Love!

A life without soul, without passion is not a worthy life. So, for 2019, wish for you and for your beloved ones the best of the best!

3,2 … Let this New Year be WOW!

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