Mid Century Lighting Is Illuminating IMM Cologne 2019!

IMM Cologne 2019 is one of the most important design trade shows, and it has been illuminated by mid century lamps!

Mid-century style is here to stay, and it’s impossible to think about it, without DeligthFULL and Essential Home popping immediately in our heads! The booth has several mid century lighting pieces that will make you travel back in time… have a sneak peek of what you can see until the 20th of January at IMM Cologne 2019!

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Mid Century Lighting Are Illuminating IMM Cologne 2019!
DeligthFULL and Essential Home, once again decided to join forces, and present to us, at IMM Cologne 2019, its most emblematic mid-century pieces to create the perfect fifties’ environment. Be our guest, and visit the booth in Hall 11.1 | Stand D003!
Mid Century Lighting Are Illuminating IMM Cologne 2019!
There are still three days to go, however we’re going to have a sneak peek of the stand, so you can be curious about it! Let’s have a guided tour, starting from the outside of the booth. If you’re lost, you’ll definitely find DelightFULL miles away due to its pieces from the Graphic Collection that will guide you all way trough the hall with its bright neon colors.
Mid Century Lighting Are Illuminating IMM Cologne 2019!
The Graphic Collection is one of the two collection of the mid-century lighting brand, and it was inspired by the city of angels, LA, so you can see that only the sky is the limit!
mid century lighting
mid century lighting
All the pieces of the brand are handmade and customizable, so you can choose another color, finish and size! The Graphic Collection has two standard sizes, and you can switch patterns and create a name or an expression with the same pattern for your hospitality project, for example! These pieces, besides their beauty, are also indoor and outdoor pieces and you can display them whether on the wall or on the floor of your home décor.
mid century lighting
Now, that you’ve seen the outside of the booth with the marquee lamps that immediately stand out, you can have a overlook of the stand itself. It’s like we’re entering in a time machine back to the classy and sophisticated days of the fifties! Come on in, because the mid-century team is ready to receive you!
mid century lighting
At the booth, you’ll be able to see pieces that were never seen before in tradeshows in Germany. Best sellers, the most emblematic pieces, contract pieces, and much more surprises! Do you accept this invitation?

Please don’t misunderstand: you don’t need to be in ‘New York, New York’ to see these amazing mid-century with a contemporary twist pieces. If you’re in Cologne, head to IMM, Hall 11.1! Sinatra Floor Lamp was the first piece of the brand, and it’s still one of the favorite of our visitors!

It’s impossible to say ‘NO, NO, NO’ to this invitation! Amy Table Lamp was inspired b the one and only, jazz singer, Amy Winehouse, and you can definitely tell by the shape of the shade and the golden ring on the side of the lamp that resembles the earring that she usually whore.

Now, let’s head to the bar and have a glass full of Porto’s wine, while analyzing every aspect of these handmade pieces that are done by the hands of Portuguese artisans that still use ancient techniques, and are elevating design and craftsmanship.

It’s a special occasion to visit DeligthFULL’s booth: the brand is celebrating its 10th year anniversary and you’re its number one guest! You don’t need to bring any present, because the mid-century lighting brand has one special  gift for you!

A giveaway of 10 Diana Lamps! Diana Table was inspired by the classic designs of the mid-century era and it can be yours in a distance of a click! Considered the best study table lamp, you can start writing down some notes.

This one is a very important one that you cannot forget: Hall 11.1 | Stand D003! The team is waiting for you!

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