What is Hot on Pinterest: Sweet Pastel Colors Décor!

What is Hot on Pinterest is back, and with a very juicy theme: Pastel Colors, one of the leading design color trend for 2019!

January has been a very busy month, specially with the most important design trade shows happening. However, now it’s time to settle down a notch, and get back to our roots: What is Hot on Pinterest, one of your favorite captures of the week. This time, we decided to select the most inspiring Pastel Colors Décor, so you can already think about your Spring redecoration! Continue scrolling!

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What is Hot on Pinterest: Sweet Pastel Colors Décor!
At IMM Cologne 2019 and Maison et Objet Paris, the main design trends and colors trends for 2019 were presented, and Pastel Colors definitely won our hearts! Be prepared to get a juicy décor for Spring!
What is Hot on Pinterest: Sweet Pastel Colors Décor!
Pastel Colors are no longer associated with feminine décor. One of the trends for 2020+ presented at IMM Cologne is the new masculinity and the way that colors are being embraced, with no kind of fear. These colors can be spread all over the place!
What is Hot on Pinterest: Sweet Pastel Colors Décor!
Pastel Colors can be mixed with one another, without being over-exaggerate. Vintage industrial style or minimalistic design will be the perfect match!
What is Hot on Pinterest: Sweet Pastel Colors Décor!
However if you are not a fan of using colors that are too strong, you can go for a pale palette color with a hint of pastel.
pastel decors décor
This is the climax of what 2019’s décor should be all about: minimalistic design, pastel colors, and a mixture of textures and materials.
pastel colors décorpastel colors décor
Once again, a living room that will make you feel that is better to stay in!
pastel colors décor
pastel colros décor
Nothing better than adding some retro and vintage design pieces to your pastel color décor, for example, this vintage study table lamp!


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Diana table lamp is a vintage lighting piece, inspired by the great design classics from the fifties. Due to its adjustable shade, it’s considered the best study table lamp!

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