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Best Deals: Get The Industrial Lamps You Want For The Best Price!

Wednesday calls for the best deals on the lighting market!

We are already in the middle of the week, and a motivational article is all that we need to get until Friday, isn’t that so? Industrial Style is one of the top trends for this year, and Inspirations’ Blog selected the best offers regarding Industrial Lamps you cannot afford to loose! Continue scrolling and figure it out how you can get them!

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Best Deals: Get The Industrial Lamps You Want For The Best Price!
Armstrong is an exquisite vintage industrial style floor lamp that you won’t want to keep away from you! It has an articulated big shade, so you can redirect the light. It will be your best friend when you decide to stay in and enjoy a nice book!
industrial lamps
The floor lamp has these perforating details on the shade, and it screams mid-century design all the ways. It’s like we’ve traveled back in time to the fifties, where these classic lighting fixtures brightened up our nights!
industrial lamps

Armstrong is a master piece, handmade in brass, and aluminum by talented Portuguese artisans that still use ancient techniques to continue elevating craftsmanship and design. If you’re willing to get the glossy white version, we’ve great news for you: the best offer of the market in a distance of a click!
industrial lamps
Diana XL Floor Lamp is another big shaded floor lamp you’ll focus your attention on! Inspired by the classics of the mid-century era, Diana XL is a beautiful ‘gal’ handmade in brass and aluminum. Perfect to pair up with your vintage industrial style living room décor.
industrial lamps
Diana Floor Lamp is an exquisite mid-century baby. A lamp that will definitely have its own position and recognition in your home décor.
industrial lamps

Handmade in brass and aluminum, you can have this floor lamp for the best offer ver, if you’re willing to go for the red glossy version! Find out more about it!
industrial lamps
DeligthFULL’s Floor Samples section has a lot of novelties for you! And, best of all, it has lighting pieces that are following the trends! For example, minimalistic style lamps that will be the perfect add to your industrial or vintage design.

Ike is handmade in brass and aluminum, and the glossy white and gold plated version has the best deal of the market, and it’s waiting for you!

Last, but not least, Galliano Pendant lamp couldn’t be forgotten! It’s an exquisite mid-century design, that will pair up perfectly with your vintage industrial style pieces!

Galliano Pendant is one of the best sellers of the Portuguese mid-century lighting brand, and the nickel plated version has the best price in the market!

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