Design Talks: Finn Juhl’s Furniture Design Movement

“One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can spoil quite a lot of happiness with bad ones.” – Finn Juhl

One of the greatest thinkers of modern design, Finn Juhl’s Furniture Design is a clever way of joining pleasure, comfortableness and design. One of the pioneers of modern design in the USA, the late Finn Juhl revolutionised the way we see comfort and style.

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Design Talks: Finn Juhl's Furniture Design Movement

When speaking about the way Finn Juhl influenced design we need to say that it was a frown looked upon by his parents, but this only means that dreams never die – and they do come to be great successes. The Danish architect and designer had a stance of his own. One of the leading figures in the creation of Danish design in the ’40s, Finn Juhl’s designs catapulted a movement in the way we see comfort, style and beauty.

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Design Talks: Finn Juhl's Furniture Design Movement

A jack of all trades, Finn Juhl was an architect, interior design and product design. Distinguished in all of the fields that he put work on, he later taught in Chicago, introducing Danish Modern design into America.

Design Talks: Finn Juhl's Furniture Design Movement

When mentioning the importance of the designer in the world of modern Danish design, we need to mention the way art was imposed in every angle and how the visual part of each structure was made to look perfect to the eye of the beholder.

Design Talks: Finn Juhl's Furniture Design Movement

Influence by the abstract sculptor Jean Arp, the motif stayed throughout Finn Juhl’s career. Working outside of the box for his own time, the conventional methods were thrown off the window and the finest example was simple, Finn Juhl worked with simple elements but clear points when it came to visuals: the carrying elements and the carried that made him famous for his ability to separate the bearing parts from the bone.

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“Art has always been my main source of inspiration. I am fascinated by shapes which defy gravity and create visual lightness.” – Finn Juhl

Design Talks: Finn Juhl's Furniture Design Movement

Organic shapes that gave a soft edge to the lines of modernist chairs is just one of the ways that the designer transformed his view into what we can see now. Using teak and other dark woods as a way of establishing his difference among his peers, Finn Juhl is seen as a visionary.

Design Talks: Finn Juhl's Furniture Design Movement

One of the hallmarks of the designer was the “floating back and seat which is seen in most of his chair designs, usually upholstered, in contrast to the hardwood of the bearing elements. The full-back and seat, seeming to hover on their supports, start to emerge in the chairs from 1945 and 1948.”

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Design Talks: Finn Juhl's Furniture Design Movement

Nowadays, you can find all the designers patrimony in House of Finn Juhl, meant to capture the essence of the timeless designs made and created by the Danish designer Finn Juhl. Find it all here.

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