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Design Talks: Geraldo de Barros The Multitasker Brazilian Designer

One of the greatest names in the world of Brazilian design, Geraldo de Barros is nowadays one of the names to follow if you want to have a unique signature in the world of design.

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A painter, a designer, a photographer. Geraldo de Barros is one of the vanguardists of Brazilian art. A pioneer in the world of concrete art and abstract photography, Geraldo de Barros was also an active furniture designer that made the world go round in design. From the mid-’50s to the ’80s, the Brazilian furniture designer was a one of kind to his generation.

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A co-founder of the first Concrete Movement in Brazil, Geraldo de Barros works are mostly in an international collection. “Aside the tribute to Concrete Art in the 1979 São Paulo’s Biennial, de Barros revisit his early concrete paintings. His new works are made of Formica, as the furniture he’s designing at Hobjeto. With this series, de Barros represent Brazil at the Venice Biennial in 1986.

When it comes to the photography department, between 1947 and 1951 Geraldo de Barros launched its series of creations with “Fotofarma”. Nowadays worldwide exhibited, you can find more about the works of Geraldo de Barros here.

Unilabor was a design project with a Dominican Priest. Related to concrete art, Geraldo de Barros designed and projected pieces of furniture that later was a statement mark in São Paulo furniture design. Nowadays a social characteristic praised by everyone.

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If you want to find the work of Geraldo de Barros in Brazil. In a more international setting, in Switzerland the artist is represented by Luciana Brito Gallery by DIP Contemporary and in London you can find the work pieces by Augusta Edwards Fine Arts.

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