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A New York City Penthouse is waiting for you to take a sneak peek and find out all the goodies you can buy on the tip of your fingers. An amazing New York apartment located in Park Avenue is getting all the buzz that it deserves – be it because of the style or because of all the decor elements that make it the statement design project it deserves.

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A modern New York City apartment redesigned by the Italian brand MolteniC& designer Matteo Nunziat. A talented work of refurbishment, this 8,256-square-foot (767-square-metre) penthouse went through several makeovers turning it into the one of the most expensive homes in the super-skinny Midtown Manhattan tower.

Shop The Look New York City Apartmen


A one of a kind home refurbishment, this New York apartment makeover is listed as one of the most expensive homes. With a retro feeling to it, this living room lounge is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with plenty of natural light coming in to brighten up the days.

Shop The Look New York City Apartmen

Simone was one of the floor light fixtures that made an appearence on this luxury apartment in New York. A unique light fixture that has simplicity as its core element, you can find the modern yet discreet detail in this modern floor lamp.

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