Summer Moodboards: What Are You In The Mood For?


Summer is under our noses, and it’s time to get inspired by some Summer’s vibes!

What is your favorite style décor? What is your favorite fresh color palette? Which one is your favorite lighting design piece? Today, Inspirations‘ Blog got ‘moody’, and it’s ready to inspire you with these Summer Moodboards! Grab your notebook, and get some ideas for your Summer redecoration of 2019!

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Summer Moodboards: What Are You In The Mood For?

Summer, the favorite season of the year is almost coming, and we have to get our house ready for this great ocasion, isn’t that so? Summer equals freshness, clean lines, bright and light colors, and the most important part: natural light and how to take the best advantage of it!
One of the Summer Trends of 2019 is to bring a little bit of the outside to the inside, for example, use plants as a detail of your home décor.


Design is seen, more and more, as a tool to solve the number one issues of the world, and Scandinavian and minimalistic design are a way to make us understand that we can have the same with less, and rethink about what is really important in life. Pink will always be pink, and Turner Floor lamp is going to make a nice pair! Turner was inspired by the dynamic Tina Turner, and such as the singer and performer, this floor lamp has five movable shades, so you can move them into the desired position!

Summer Moodboards: What Are You In The Mood For?

Once again, plants are the major trend hit of this year! As well as fresh watercolors like yellow, blue and green! Stanley Suspension Lamp is a great choice if you’re willing to be a little more bold this year! A minimalistic design with 3 different colored shade handmade in brass and aluminum by talented Portuguese artisans that still use ancient techniques from the past to produce these master pieces, in order to elevate design and craftsmanship.

Summer Moodboards: What Are You In The Mood For?

What about an explosion and electrifying blue? The Graphic Colletion, of one the two lighting design collections of the mid-century brand, DelightFULL, will add a special American glow to your home décor. The best part is that these marquee lamps can be indoor and outdoor pieces, and you can also display them on the floor or on the wall.

Summer Moodboards: What Are You In The Mood For?

When thinking about Summer, yellow is probably the first color that we think of, isn’t that right? A vibrant and energectic color that will be a nice choice in tiny details of your house or even as the main focus of your living room decor, such as this sofa on the picture. Brubeck Oval Suspension will be enlighting your summer nights when you decide to throw a special reunion at your place with family and friends. Turn this Summer 2019, memorable!

Summer Moodboards: What Are You In The Mood For?

Coral! One of Pantone’s chosen colors for 2019! Hanna lighting family will be pleased to be part of your fresh mid-century décor, and you have the possibility to choose between a wide range of different category lamps, depending on your needs.

Summer Moodboards: What Are You In The Mood For?

Last, but not least, light purple! Can you imagine a more relaxing environment with other color? Boho chic style is very trendy this year, and this is one of the number one choices of colors. Atomic table lamp has a peculiar design, inspired by the atom and the scientific discoveries. The atom has both positive and negative energy, however it’s impossible to have negative vibes around it!

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