It’s All About ME… And My Outdoor Décor With The Graphic Collection!

Summer is almost here, and we cannot deny that it’s the best season of the year. It makes us want to gather our family and friends outside for a huge barbecue or a pool party. Redecorate your outdoor using the Graphic Collection!

A new season calls for a new Summer décor. It’s not all about the indoor, but also the outdoor. We are sure that, nowadays, you spend more time outside the house than inside, so you have to have the perfect outdoor décor! Today, we’ll guide you to have the best outdoor décor with these Marquee Lamps!

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It's All About ME... And My Outdoor Décor With The Graphic Collection!

Inspired by the city of angels – LA – the Graphic Collection is one of DelightFULL’s most well known categories! They are bright, they are fun, they are everything we were looking for! The best part is that they can be both indoor and outdoor lighting pieces!

Graphic Collection

Letter E, for example, it’s energetic, yet elegant, and the pErfect choice for your entryway!
It's All About ME... And My Outdoor Décor With The Graphic Collection!

There are two sizes, the mini and the normal version, but you can also choose a different size! You can also attach this piece to your outdoor wall and amaze your friends at your Summer Party!

And speaking about letter E! This letter belongs to the word love… and so many others! Why don’t you think about a cute expression or message and put it in your yard?

Why don’t you WOW your guests? Look, for example, at this amazing modern outdoor décor! The letters net to the pool completely give the perfect and cozy lighting effect!

A garden full of soul! Imagine you, your friends and family, gathered with this amazing outdoor décor! You can change the pattern of the letter, and you can also choose the same pattern for a word!

Besides letters, there are also numbers and symbols! There is no excuse for you to not create a unique lighting design for your outdoor décor!

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