Studia-54 Offers Russian Glamour And Luxury To The World!

Today we will be talking about a Russian studio that has been working with us for the past couple of months. With countless projects with DelightFULL products, Studia-54 and DelightFULL developed a close decorative bond!


Studia-54 is a result of a brilliant collaboration between Olga Ivanova, Studia-54’s designer since the start, and Stanislav Kliuev their Commercial Director.


Since 2013, Studia-54 has worked with the world’s most renowned interior furniture brands to create projects that exude luxury and uniqueness.

This is one of many projects by Studia-54 that features a DelightFULL lighting piece. In this modern project, Duke pendant lamp was the suspension piece chosen to be part of this bedroom decor, and the end result is perfect.

Offering a unique and personal touch to every single project, Studia-54 offers high-class service that is unparalleled. With exclusivity and quality service, there is no denying that Studia-54 is one of the most coveted studios in the world.

Another bedroom decor by Studia-54 that features a DelightFULL lighting piece, in this case, Ike floor lamp was the right fit for this project.

With that classic, gold-plated and glossy black finish paired together, this custom finish is a classic and luxurious finish that is present in almost any project by Studia-54 that features a DelightFULL lighting piece.

All Photos @Studia-54 and DelightFULL

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