Learn How To Luxury Build And Design Perfectly With GrandPad

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DelightFULL has been on tour for the last two days, in London, and we already have so much to tell you! Today we meet up with GrandPad, and we decided that you should meet them and learn how to luxury build and design in the best way possible!


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Founded in 2001, Grand Pad is a North West London based business specializing in bespoke ultra high-end property build and refurbishments. We can provide all the following services in-house by employing an outstanding workforce of some of the finest designers and tradesmen in London.

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In a few words, this is what the brand means. They are focused specifically on high-end residential refurbishments, and over the years they built a reputation for delivering projects on time, on budget and with an exceptional eye for design and detail.

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When it comes to choosing the right brands to work with, GrandPad selects the ones that match your taste, and most importantly, that reflect the clients’ needs. They use only the finest materials from reputable suppliers and never compromise on quality, that’s why DelightFULL would be a good partner to work with!

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GrandPad uses their industry-leading builders and workmen to efficiently and safely build or refurbish your home. Isn’t that what you were looking for?

The attention to detail and perfect finishing is tireless.

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They take every element of the process very seriously in order to deliver a very high-quality product. So today, we want to present some solutions from DelightFULL that would perfectly fit the style GrandPad is going for on this particular project.

Atomic Pendant

Atomic light pendant by DelightFULL is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom. Building this unique lighting design using materials such as brass, steel, and aluminum, DelightFULL’s skilled artisans arranged it in an abstract composition, very similar to the non-conventional molecular forms. Both a glossy black and a gold-plated finish were used for the body, while glossy black and gold powder paint were the chosen finish of the shades. This stylish suspended ceiling light is the right fit for a contemporary living room, or even customized for a big and unique home entryway.

Coltrane Wall

Coltrane mid-century wall sconce is inspired by the famous John Coltrane and it is the perfect piece to create a beautiful lighting effect both indoors and outdoors. This wall light fixture has matte black and gold powder paint finishes, which give it a more contemporary style. You can pair up to two iron tubes, which will help to create a statement in your modern home decor. Additionally, it can be used in more minimalist hotel rooms, and because it is in stock, the lead time is 3 weeks! How great is that?

Matheny Snooker

Feel the true statement of luxury with this modern suspension lamp. Matheny is a unique chandelier, a new take on the mid-century classics. It has a geometric design of combined tubes and its structure is handmade in brass. Its shape is round and is composed of golden tubes, which reflect the sophistication of a timeless iconic lamp. With 110 pounds, this luxurious chandelier light can be used in a modern living room or as a modern dining room lighting. All in all, Matheny round chandelier will certainly capture the attention of your guests.

Galliano Wall

Meet Galliano, a special modern wall lamp with a minimalist style that allows you to fit it in every room of your home, regardless of the style of your interior design. It’s not a coincidence that this wall lamp is one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers. You can have its finishes customized as well as the number of its tubes that can go up to 3. Ideal as a decorative bathroom wall lighting or as an entrance lighting, Galliano wall lamp will certainly elevate the decoration of your space. Same as Coltrane, the lead time is now at 3 weeks, so what are you waiting for?

Turner Table

Turner art deco table lamp was inspired by the electrifying and memorable dance moves of the iconic pop singer. Its five movable arcs can be rotated into the desired position, which gives this black table lamp a sense of fun and allows you to create the best composition to fit your modern home decor. A versatile piece, that can be used in almost any room of your house, this brass desk lamp looks its best when placed in a modern home office or art deco inspired living room.


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