Design Miami/Basel Starts Today – Use This As Your Quick Guide!

With Design Miam/Basel already underway, we wanted to write an article that could serve as a sort of introduction to this design event that is taking place in Miami, Florida. We will be talking about Design Miami/Basel and some of most important events that are going to take part in this event.

design miami/basel

From June 11-16 2019, Design Miami/Basel is opening its doors for any interior design enthusiast in USA. Miami is definitely a hot spot for this type of events, and the popularity that Design Miami/Basel has garnered throughout the years is a reflection of that.

Design Miami/Basel

As we previously said, Miami is definitely one of the best places to have an international design event like Design Miami/Basel. Offering some of the best accommodations that a tourist can ask for, while still being able to enjoy every single day of Design Miami/Basel.

Design Miami/Basel

Renowned interior design brands will, of course, attend this Design Miami/Basel 2019, and Luminaire is one of them. With pieces that were designed with the help of renowned designers, Ron Arad, Philippe Starck, Zaha Hadid, to name a few.

Design Miami/Basel

In need of high-quality furniture for your home project? The NIBA Home is, quite possibly, the best solution for your modern project. Offering a remarkable catalogue of objects, art, furnishings, mirror, lighting, photography and sculpture.

Design Miami/Basel

Maybe you’re looking for something different. Well then, Dina Mitrani Gallery opened in 2008 and has been a constant attraction to any Miami tourist. A solid choice for anyone looking for an immersive experience.

Design Miami/Basel

Another great alternative to unwind is going to the South Beach Art Deco Tour. A 90-minute tour, there are private tours/guides that will highlight some of the best modern and contemporary influences that caught the attention of Miami since its beginning.

Design Miami/Basel

In 2019, climate change is one of the hottest topics in every event. And Design Miami/Basel is certainly going to embrace this discussion. With Maria Thereza Alves in charge of this panel, you can expect an amazing discussion.

We hope you enjoyed our article on Design Miami/Basel.

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