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Flavia Garcia Architects: Your Design Dream is the Focus!

Everyone has a design dream, and now it’s possible to make it come true with Flavia Garcia Architects! Residential or an Office Project, the Israeli Design Company has the solution for you! Continue scrolling and get to know all about the brand’s history and projects!

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Flavia Garcia Architects: Your Design Dream is the Focus!

Welcome to Flavia Garcia’s world! Flavia Garcia Ben Zeev is the founder, and her journey is as exciting as her design company! Flavia graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, in Brazil, in 2005, however her hear took her to Israel.

Flavia Garcia Architects: Your Design Dream is the Focus!

Flavia believes that being an architect helped her on this process of change, because architecture is all about “being adaptive and flexible to changes mid-project is part of the job requirements“.

Flavia Garcia Architects: Your Design Dream is the Focus!

She decided to continue her career, in another country and continent, but shw knew she was capable! Flavia Garcia Architects offers architecture, renovation, interior design and construction services to its clients, and the team of professionals will be by your side since the very first scratch to the final result of the design project.

Flavia Garcia Architects: Your Design Dream is the Focus!

“At our office we love to mix ideas,concepts, experience. That’s why we work in partnership with Architects and Interior Designers from different countries, each one bringing from his life journey a special touch to your project”, Flavia Garcia

Flavia Garcia Architects: Your Design Dream is the Focus!

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The team, at Flavia Garcia Architects, believes that organization is the key of success. At the office, they separate the type of project, in order to study it better and get to know what the client invisions, never forgetting about aesthetics and functionality! The company also works alongside with constructors in Israel, in order to enhance the beauty of the country!

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A renowned company that has a lit of great feedback from her customers. A place where the customer is no longer a customer, but a friend: “Now I feel the house is ready. Many thanks for your great assistance in designing my place. You gave all you can with all your passion for design and the results are accordingly – amazing! No need for more than one word. I appreciate your time, patience which endless for my crazy ideas & changing all time, you learned your client which was me very well and design it all with my wishes harmoniously”, Alon Avdani.

If you have a design project in hands, don’t think twice and choose the best!

Talpiot 15
Ramat Gan – Israel      

Phone Number:
+972 0543 979200

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