Simone Dubash Meet This Versatile Indian Interior Designer!

Today we are going to talk about another great Indian personality in the interior design world. Today its none other than Simone Dubash, a versatile designer that has worked alongside some of the greatest interior design brands in India.

Get to know her with this article.

There was a quote from Isprava, a prominent Indian brand, and they actually asked an employee a great question about the current state of the luxury interior design market, and they got an amazing answer.

“What do you feel about the luxury space in India? How are consumer perspectives changing?
The luxury space is definitely growing at a very rapid pace in India. People live such a stressful life in the cities that luxury has come to mean peace of mind and comfort more than anything. I think this is why Isprava connects with customers so well. (paradiseweddingchapel) ” -credits Isprava – link to quote here.

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Simone Dubash is seen as the go-to designer for almost any Indian project that is looking for a low-key and laid-back interior design décor.

This cafeteria is a project that Simone Dubash took very close to her heart. The client wanted Simone Dubash to create and interior decor that would blend a traditional office decor with the Bollywood style. And the result is this sort of unique and special decor that India is known for.

This is a more traditional office decor. A partnership between Lila Decor and India Carpets & Furnishings. This cubicle design was a work of Simone Dubash.

Design is something that runs in the family, this tan leather sofa was designed by Simone Dubash’s mother. A perfect furniture piece that complements this interior decor beautifully.

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