Steal The Look: Sophisticated Living Room Décor!

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Summer is just around the corner and this means that a home renovation has to be done. However, we know that this means a lot of work, stress and time! To avoid that, Inspirations‘ Blog has decided to help you put together a sophisticated living room décor, and where you can get those curate design pieces!

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Steal The Look: Sophisticated Living Room Décor!

Elegance, sophistication, all wrapped together! Covet group is a Portuguese design company with several different brands for evry styles and tastes. All the pieces are handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to elevate design and craftsmanship.

Steal The Look: Sophisticated Living Room Décor!
Kaamos Mirror – BRABBU

Brabbu is one of the brands that belongs to the Portuguese Group and all its pieces were inspired by nature. Kaamos Mirror is one of our favorite design accessories and it will add a touch of glamour to your living room décor.

Steal The Look: Sophisticated Living Room Décor!
Kaamos Mirror – BRABBU

“Kaamos is the Finnish translation to Polar Night, a natural phenomenon that happens in the Arctic Circle. KAAMOS Mirror took inspiration from this incredible event. With a frame in glossy walnut root veneer, brass, and copper, this round mirror will give a touch of strength and class to your modern interior design”.

Kaamos is handmade and you can customize the piece and choose a different type of wood and different dimensions!

Steal The Look: Sophisticated Living Room Décor!
Parker wall – DelightFULL

A décor wouldn’t be completed without the perfect lighting fixture. DeligthFULL, the portuguese mid-century lighting design brand, that mixes mid-century style with the jazz music influence, created Parker wall lamp to enlighten our days and nights! Ideal to add to a contract project or a residential one.

Steal The Look: Sophisticated Living Room Décor!
Parker Wall – DelightFULL

Parker is handmade in brass, and you can customize the finish, the size, the type of bulb and even the temperature of the lighting!


Today, we have gave you a few tips and selected the best design pieces to put together a sophisticated living room, however if you have a bigger project in hands, ABITA SA, a swiss Interior Design Company, will turn your design dreams into reality! Get to know more about the company based in Lugano, Switzerland and create the house of your dreams!

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