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The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True!

Gather your family and friends for a special diner and celebrate life with the best dining room design!

Dining rooms are very special. Sometimes, we do not give it the right importance, however it is the place where the best things of life occur: eating and celebrating life with your family and friends. It is the place that we fell that we can call our house, home. We are sure that you dream about a dining room décor, and the good news is that Inspirations’ Blog gathered the best of to inspire you!

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The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True! 2

It is impossible not to fall in love with this dining room display! Every single detail was chosen wisely! The different wall paper will add a special glow and will turn your décor fun, yet sophisticated. Aretha is definitely glowing!

Drawing inspiration from one of the most acclaimed jazz singers of all time, DelightFULL’s designers created Aretha modern chandelier. It is a contemporary reinterpretation of mid-century lighting design classics that were used in the 50s and 60s. Since it is handmade, it is customizable! Choose a different color, finish and size and have your own Aretha, special designed for you!

Instead of a chandelier, why don’t you choose several hanging lamps with different heights? This Scandinavian Design inspired dining room will make the day of the minimalistic style lovers Such a simple room, however with golden details that will brighten up your meals!

The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True! 14

Ike pendant lamp adds a modern yet industrial feel to any space. This hanging ceiling pendant can be done in different shapes and dimensions, allowing you to personalized lighting ambiance and mood. Handmade in brass and aluminum, the glossy black finish and the copper accent deliver the perfect look.

The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True! 12

A modern mid-century dining room to make your day better and to inspire you! Here, we are able to see the result of multiple design trends that people are going crazy! For example, mid-century dining chairs, a rug with geometric patterns, neutral colors with a hint of color, and last but not least, a beautiful lighting fixture!

The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True! 134

Hanna is a vintage lighting fixture that is elegantly by five arms and five lamp shades made of brass. Each lampshade can be adjusted to direct lighting over a wide-reaching area.

The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True! 7

A mix between dining and living room equals the best of both worlds! And here you can also see the contemporary and mid-century getting along pretty well! The light blue chairs are giving a special glow to this décor scene and we are loving it! The brass chandelier definitely catches our eye!

The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True! 8
With an expressive harmonic beauty, Clark modern pendant light is one of DelightFULL’s most iconic pieces. This seemingly minimal lamp is handmade in brass, using the classic method of bending the brass twice into a rounded oblong shape, which allows for a bright cast of light. The standard finish is gold-plated, but it can also be customized in copper, nickel, or even receive an aged brass finish.

The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True! 6

A rustic, yet classic and sophisticated dining room. It is like we are breathing luxury when we look at this picture. Every single detail is perfectly displayed and the black glossy customized chandelier transforms this area!
The Dining Room Design of Your Dreams Came True! 5
A revival of the mid-century modern design classics, Charles contemporary chandelier is a simple lighting design with a lot of character. It features 20 lampshades, all of them handmade in brass, with perforated details on the top. However, this is a handmade piece and you can customize it: choose a different finish, color and as many shades as you desire!

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