Check The Best Design Studios in Brazil!

Inspirations’ Blog selected the top showrooms and the best design studios in Brazil, so you can finish the project of your dreams!

Do you have a special Summer Project in hands? Renovating your home décor can be a hard task, so today we’ll give you the solution to avoid stressful times! The blog has searched and evaluated the best design studios in Brazil! Continue scrolling and discover more!

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Check The Best Design Studios in Brazil!


The design projects of Aline Dinis studio are recognized by the use of neutral bases and finishes. With an experienced career in the field, Aline graduated from the Faculdade Belas Artes of São Paulo. Functionality and sustainibility are the main keys of their interior design projects. Residential spaces, comercial and corporate projects, Aline believes that hearing the clients’ needs and issues are a priority, so she customizes the projects in order to make their dreams come true. Aline chooses “natural high-quality materials to bring warmth, elegance, and functionality to the overall look! She is an inspiration in the contemporary style”.



Check The Best Design Studios in Brazil!

Anna Lucia is inspired by people and everyday life, so that is why she discoreved her passion for the contemporary interior design world. Anna Lucia tris to be different by using new materials in her design projects. All the projects reflect aesthetics and functionality, as well as “versatility to furniture and environments, allowing users and unprecedented situations“.


Check The Best Design Studios in Brazil!

Humberto Campana and Fernando Campana are the super duo of this design studio, named after their surname: Campana Brothers. “In 1983, the two brothers teamed up to make furniture made of ordinary materials including scrap and waste products such as cardboard, rope, cloth and wood scraps, plastic tubes and aluminium wire. From 1997, some of their products including the Vermelha chair began to be produced and sold in Italy. In 1998 the Campana Brothers became the first Brazilian artists to exhibit their work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, along with German lighting designer Ingo Maurer”. Four years later, the interior designers decided to create their own unique collections.


Check The Best Design Studios in Brazil!

Delia was the editor of ELLE and ELLE Decoration magazines, the interior designer decided to found the Wastwing, in 2011. Nowadays, Westwing is setting the trends in several European countries! From contemporary home décor acessories to incredible design pieces!


Check The Best Design Studios in Brazil!

An interior designer from Panamericana de Arte and Design, Giseli Koraicho, that has founded an interior design studio that develops unique contemporary design projects with a special concern toward sustainability. Residential Projects to corporate interiors, always following the latest design trends “Nothing better after completing a project, then to feel and prove that my client feels welcomed in the projected environment and, more than that, that his personality is marked within each of the spaces”.

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