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In-Depth Look At Alexandra Fedorova And Her Copper-Shell Project!

Today we are going to talk to you about Alexandra Fedorova, and her amazing project, Copper-Shell. A Moscow architect and designer that managed to create this amazing project. We’ll tell you all about the person behind this ambitious project.

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Alexandra Fedorova has a vast and impactful repertoire in the architectural world. From 2000 to 2004 she worked at UB Design Studio as the lead architect. It was during ’04 that she decided to create her own architectural bureau, and has been her main focus ever since.

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Copper-Shell is another amazing, ambitious project by Alexandra Fedorova. A modern, architectural achievement that any design studio would love to be the ones that designed and created this project.

Some of the many accolades that Alexandra Fedorova gathered throughout the years.

-Architecture Award 2003 winner;

– Apartment at Mozhayskoye shosse (2005) -Architecture Award 2005 nominee;

– Residential complex at Khodynskoye Pole in Moscow;

– Design of landscape, architectural and space planning concept for Lefortovo District;

– Housing development of Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts;

– Design of interiors for the special area in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Copper-Shell house is “timeless”, which is an adjective that can be used has one of the main adjectives that can best describe Fedorova’s work. Copper-Shell house was built near Moscow, a region known for it’s spacious and green environments.

” On the outside, the materials used for the cladding combine to create overlapping and contrasting effects.”…” On the inside too, the architect has injected movement into the spaces by perfectly interweaving materials and colours and ensuring continuity between the outside and inside.” – @archilovers

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