An In-Depth Look At Katerina Goodwill And Her Design Passion!

Today we are going to talk to you about a famous Russian interior designer, Katerina Goodwill. One of the trendiest designers in the modern Russian décor market, and today we will be analyzing this famous designer, her influences, history, and more.

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What drives Katerina Goodwill’s design? Well, she stated that she loves creating a certain symbiosis of objects, materials, textures, all in a single product. The objective is always to create a furniture piece that has a sophisticated design. With a passion for innovation and a constant creative mind, these factors help Katerina Goodwill develop stand-out pieces, which are unique in their way.


Katerina Goodwill has been a renowned designer for quite some time now, offering luxurious solutions to each project she gets her hands on.

With the constant desire for self-improving and self-growth, it’s easy to understand why she says that  “After finishing any project or object, I know for sure what I will do differently in the future in a different way”. This mind concept works clearly as one of the most powerful engines of professional growth. Like a Professional Designer, Katerina founds professional fulfillment in the object proportion of functionality and artistic component. In this concept in mind, she compares it to the human body: “it is healthy and beautiful and at the same time unique and deeply unique”. ” – rights @ mydesignweek.

Katerina actually didn’t start as a Designer, she was actually a Teacher for quite some time. She actually brought a lot of what she learned as a teacher and brought it to her professional life as a designer. “The surest working principle is when you know all the stages and nuances of your profession so much that with simple examples you can explain the purpose and essence of each stage in a very structured and understandable way”.” – credits @ mydesignweek.

Katerina Goodwill has been constantly working on multiple projects. Working with both, residential and commercial projects, every single project features a unique design aspect that makes them special in their own way. She usually works her magic in private interiors, with these projects she can set her mind free and do whatever she wants.

Katerina Goodwill has an amazing team working alongside her in every single project. A team that she hand-picked and that help Katerina propel her design vision in the best way possible.

Throughout this article we were showcasing photos of an interior design project that Katerina Goodwill orchestrated. ”  The complex nature of the project is enhanced by design techniques based on the invisible effect. This project is adorned with clean, straight lines, simple forms, but expressive design solutions! The presence of classical elements and Art Deco motifs help build a story and a space with the utmost openness!” – credits @ mydesignweek.

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