Discover Everything About The Design Biennale Zürich!

One of the most important design events of the market is right over the corner, and we want you to know everything about this second edition!

Are you ready to play design? At this second edition of the Design Biennale Zürich, the event will present its visitors the best of the best! National and international design professionals will be presenting their ideas, concepts, visions and design projects with a peculiar thing: you can be part of it and ‘play along’!

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Discover Everything About The Design Biennale Zürich!

Grab your agenda and start planning your days! From the 28th of August to the first of September, Zurich, Switzerland, will the the stage of the second Design Biennale that you cannot miss! The official opening will be on Thursday, 29th August, at 5pm.

Discover Everything About The Design Biennale Zürich!

And it is going to be the perfect way to start the event since it’s going to be in a relaxed environment with interesting conversions at the bar! The exhibitions will open doors on Friday, the 30th of August.

Discover Everything About The Design Biennale Zürich!

It’s the second edition, however it’s already one of the references when it comes to design events, because you get to be involved! Design professionals will explain their insight, concepts, ideas, and projects.

This year, several events will happen during this period and you need to be updated with them all. Are you ready for your first experience through a design process? Jump in, because Creative Lab will show you everything! The group exhibition “combines contemporary design projects and installations of various disciplines: algorithmic music, analogue science models, digital crafts, intelligent textiles, interactive everyday products, collaborative design, material experiments, urban utopias, virtual realities. Here is tried, tested and played”.

Discover Everything About The Design Biennale Zürich!

Another interesting thing is Design Parcours, inspired by the Swiss design, Vita Parcous, specially designed for emerging design talents that are ready to show you what they’re able to do!

Discover Everything About The Design Biennale Zürich!

Last, but not least, are you fan of museums? This is a different concept, since it’s a design game lounge! This area is dedicated to “contemporary experimental video game positions and introduces Swiss game designers. They present their games and playful experiences in the gallery between type furniture and living environment”.


As you can see, there will be events and activities for all sizes and tastes, and we are sure that you cannot miss it! The tickets are available at the end of July, and you can mix different days and events. Are you going to miss Design Biennale Zurich 2019? Book your plane and hotel to Zurich!

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