Summer Sales: Get To Know This Vintage Floor Lamp!

Sales! Is always a word that can turn our heads! Are you ready to see which is the best deal on the lighting market? Continue scrolling!

When speaking about fifties’ style, DelightFULL is one of the first lighting brands that we remember. They have unique lighting pieces, and today we’ll show you their vintage floor lamp that you have to add to your home décor. The best part is that it is at its best price ever!

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Summer Sales: Get To Know This Vintage Floor Lamp!

All the pieces that belong to the brand are handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to continue elevating design and crafstmanship. Amy Lighting Family is one of the most well known families of the brand, and due to its peculiar design, is one of the reasons why the brand is so renowned nowadays.


Amy was inspired by Amy Winehouse, and we believe that this is not a surprise for you! You can definitely tell that the shade has the same shape of her hairstyle, and it also has a golden ring on the side that resembles the earrings she usually wore.

Summer Sales: Get To Know This Vintage Floor Lamp!

Amy Floor Lamp is a vintage lighting piece that can be your best friend when you decide to stay in and enjoy that amazing book that is waiting for you in the shelf! Nowadays, not only aesthetics is importan. Function is also important, because the lighting pieces are seen as a tool that will help us on the saily basis. Amy has an adjustable shade, so you can redirect the light and you can also choose the temperature of the lighting!

Summer Sales: Get To Know This Vintage Floor Lamp!

You can customize the piece: you can change the color, the finish, the size, the type of bulb and temperature of the lighting, however if you’re interested in DeligthFULL’s special campaign – Summer Sales – and if you’re into the glossy black and gold plated version, we have great news for you! First, it’s ready to ship! Second, it has a 50% off! It’s the perfect opportunity to have an high-end quality lamp at the best price of the market!

Summer Sales: Get To Know This Vintage Floor Lamp!

Do you think it’s possible to say ‘NO, NO, NO’ to this offer? We think not! A piece where every single detail was thought! Don’t go back to black and enlighten your days and nights with Amy floor lamp!

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