Elena Ponomarenko And Vitta Group Bring Forth Russian Design!

Ever wondered who were some of the personalities behind some of the best modern interior projects in the market? Well then, today you’re in for a treat, we have one of Russia’s most ambitious and ground-breaking architects and designers in the Russian market, Elena Ponomarenko!

Elena Ponomarenko

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Elena Ponomarenko

Vitta Group is an architectural design studio with over 10 years of experience with worldwide praise. Elena Ponomarenko has a unique and recognizable style that transcends the average Russian project.

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Elena Ponomarenko

With over 400 residential and public projects throughout the world. With a strong presence in the modern interior design market, Elena Ponomarenko and her company Vitta Group have strived for years to push the envelope when it comes to modern interior design.

DelightFULL and Covet Group are no strangers to Elena Ponomarenko and Vitta Group. In this photo, we have a residential project that features our Duke suspension lamp. With that in mind, it’s clear to say that Elena Ponomarenko always uses premium and prestigious brands to complete her design concepts.


Elena Ponomarenko has responsibilities and accolades outside of Russia. She’s also a member of the British Academy of Design, also a member of the Ukranian Designers Union. In Russia, she’s also a member of the Designers Union in Russia.


In terms of awards, Elena Ponomarenko and Vitta Group have received multiple awards throughout the years.

2005 – Soros Prize;
2007 – Top Prize at “Best Bathrooms”;
2010 – Best Modern Interior Lighting;
2014 – 3º Prize in All-Russian Architecture and Design Moscow “Beautiful apartments”

What do you love the most about your work?

“I like to create something that pleases both my customers and me. There is nothing better than being in a home or restaurant, or any other institution and contemplate what was realized according to your ideas.” Elena Ponomarenko, Vitta Group.

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