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Looking to Shop? We Have The Best Antique Shops For You

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Best Antique Shops – this top list of antique shops around the world will fill your calendar like no other. If vintage antiques are your thing, then this will be the perfect list to keep up with you in your travels around the world! Spread all over the world, these antique vintage shops are home to some of the most iconic works from every era you can think of.

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Konjaku Nishimura
Looking to Shop We Have The Best Antique Shops For You 1
Photo Courtesy arigatokyoto

This antique kimono shop in, as customers tell, a work of art. With kimonos from the 1800s, each one is painted by hand and it’s all in mint condition.

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Miyawaki Baisenan
Looking to Shop We Have The Best Antique Shops For You 2
Photo Courtesy CNN Traveler

The antique shop that is perfect for the lover of the Imperial family, this antique shop in Japan has elements for all kinds of tastes. Hand-painted and delicate designs are here to be found.

Antique Slegers Centre
Looking to Shop We Have The Best Antique Shops For You 3
Photo Courtesy antiqueslegers

One of the biggest antique centres in Europe, Antique Slegers Centre has an element for each taste and style. From high-end elements to kitsch, a different price range awaits you.

Antique World Mall
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Photo Courtesy antiqueworldmall

Quality antiques are what you can expect from the Antique World Mall. Vintage budget-friendly antiques from mid-century to victorian you will find all kinds of items here.

The French House

Nestled around the many streets of London is The French House. A fan favourite if you’re looking for that je ne sais quoi taste in your home, be ready to find everything and more.

Looking to Shop We Have The Best Antique Shops For You 5
Photo Courtesy Solar

An antique shop in Lisbon, Solar plays on the many takes of the vintage and antique shops. One of the largest and the oldest shops in Portugal, this antique shop is focused on tiles as decorative items.

Le Village Suisse

Close to the Eiffel Tower, Le Village Suisse is a gathering of antique shops focused on decoration and art galleries. For the antique lovers, this is an experience you can’t afford to miss out on.

Laurel House Antiques

” The treasures of Laurel House come from marvellous estates in Marin, San Francisco and the Bay Area. We feature heritage collections of jewellery, crystal, silver, china, tableware and textiles, fine American, European and Asian furniture, and decorative and functional art. “, Laurel House Antiques

Antiques Cinolter

Established in 1991, Cinolter Antiques is one of the most respected antique businesses in the Czech Republic. Selling unique objects to unique people, this antique store in Prague is a special one.

Pražské Starožitnosti Uhlíř

A unique shop in Prague, this little corner of the world offers a refined collection of items from the 19th Century. The elegant, classic cabinets and the inside of the shop contain many pieces including statues, pictures and high-quality china. 

Antique Újezd
Photo Courtesy Antique Újezd

The gateway to the world of nostalgia and art is only a few cities away. With a wide range of items, porcelain, glass, sculptures and furniture, especially from the Art Nouveau period and art deco, are worth the attention as well as period jewellery.

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