Ike Lamp: Scandinavian Design is In!

Ike Lamp is a Scandinavian Design Piece from DelightFULL. Its Northern inspired style will blow your mind… and home design décor!

Ike Lamp is a piece inspired by the great Ike Quebec and it is one of the portuguese lighting brand’s best sellers. Its minimalistic design turns this piece versatile! See how you can rock the Scandinavian Design!

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Ike Pendant Lamp is a must! Handmade in brass and aluminum, it is the perfect ceiling lamp. Be bold and add more than one with different heights!


Ike Lamp is customizable, so you can choose a different size, color and finish! Insider Tip: gold plated and black glossy are the trendiest combo!

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There is also the chandelier version! As the precious one, you can choose how many shades you want and… colors and finishes!
Ike Lamp Scandinavian Design is In! 4The ideal lighting fixture for your living or dinning room! Can you imagine a diner with all your family and friends being illuminated by this beautiful chandelier inspired by the jazz icon, Ike?

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Last, but not least, Ike Floor makes the day of the Scandinavian Design lovers! Highly recommended to use with a dimmer switch to cast a smoother light, this modern brass lamp is perfect as a dining room chandelier lighting or to be used in a hotel lobby.
Ike Lamp Scandinavian Design is In! 3We think it is close to the well- known Northern Lights!

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