House Tour: Covet Valley Mid-Century Modern Home

It’s House Tour time! We previously had talked about it and now we have the exclusive peek inside Covet Valley mid-century modern showroom located in Douro. With unique views, curated design brands and excellent aura, this mid-century modern home is everything we hoped it would be.

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Airy and light spaces are the characteristics of this mid-century home. All decorated with luxury brands from Covet Group, this mid-century showroom has a charming aura to it.


Surrounded by a unique setting, this mid-century house has exclusive design pieces by several brands. All of them with unique details: all pieces are handcrafted with the finest artisans of Portugal. From velvety smooth furniture to modern lighting fixtures creating the perfect mood, the place is filled with a luxurious atmosphere.

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With a retro nostalgic vibe, this Covet Valley is an exquisite place to see the elegant and slick designs of brands such as DelightFULL and Essential Home. Light, charming and a timeless place, each room of the Covet Valley is a lovely place to visit while you’re in Douro.

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House Tour_ Covet Valley Mid-Century Modern Home (1)

A makeshift garage was turned into a renowned space. This one of a kind garage decor is all you might need to spruce up your outdoor decor. With a singular decor, the ultimate curated design element is present in Covet Valley!

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House Tour_ Covet Valley Mid-Century Modern Home (1)

If you’re looking for trendy, timeless design elements along with fabulous design, you just need to book your appointment below!

Travessa Clube de Caçadores, 301
4420-089 Gondomar
PHONE: +351 911 780 428

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