Susanna Cots: Meet One Of The Best Interior Designers in The World

Do you have any design dream? We might have the right name that can make it come true!

Susanna Cots is a Catalan designer with the goal to turn her client’s design dreams into reality! Today, Inspirations‘ Blog will tell you all about her and her amazing career and the key to get to her clients’ hearts! Continue scrolling and find out more!

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Susanna Cots: Meet One Of The Best Interior Designers in The World
Credits: Susanna Cots

Susanna’s career was a challenge! After getting her degree, she worked on different architecture projects, however she had a main goal: to have her own design studio. A place where she could show her vision to the world. Her dream come true, and every design project has its own fingerprint. Susanna considers that the most important thing about her work is when the client sees the final result and his wishes and needs meet!

Susanna Cots: Meet One Of The Best Interior Designers in The World
Credits: Susanna Cots

“Susanna believes she has become an overachiever. All the goals she had set for herself have been surpassed and she believes she is at a blissful place in her life, both personally and professionally”

Susanna has acomplished a lot, however she never settles. She believes that her constant improvement of her work is what drives her. The main goal of the Catalan designer’s is to find a timeless style. One of her work’s signature is the way that se plays with lighting and fine materials. It’s quite imporant to set a room that the client feels that it reflects himself. “The designer considers herself a very down-to-earth person and she takes in consideration any thoughts of her work. For Suzanna, Social media are the true propellers of her work nowadays and through them, the studio can achieve and communicate with a broader audience”, says the designer.

Credits: Susanna Cots

The projects reveal that every single detail counts, and this is definitely true! All the design products used are designed in-house, so they can guarantee the quality. The design studio also designs pieces for other architectural companies, however always keeping their signature. Soon, they will launch a brand new lighting collection.

Credits: Susanna Cots

Time has changed, and finally, Susanna believes that design has come back to its roots. The main design trends are all about natural and recycled materials, because design is seen as a tool to solve the world’s worst problems such as global warming. “For the designer, sustainability is way over fashion, materials and trends. The studio prides itself of having a diverse portfolio of clients from all over the world”, she says.

Credits: Susanna Cots

All her clients have something in common: the need of something beautiful and functional aka aesthetics and functionality holding hands. Currently, she is working on some residential and contract projects, however her most challenging and favorite project is The Eleven House – “a 1700 house in a medieval town in Catalonia, Peratallada, in which she has refurbished and turned into space where people share their passion for art, literature, design and wellness”, says the designer. The designer is also a crafts lover, and as far as craftsmanship goes on, Susanna sees that the world of ceramics is taking a step forward.

“For the Catalan designer, the future lies in sustainability. For her, it is not a trend, it is a way of living, one that will reshape the design industry completely”


Phone Number: +34 931 691 365

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