A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set … On Set!

Are you ready to get this Mid Century Lighting set of your favorite tv show or movie? Today, this is possible!

Everyone is a big fan of movies and tv shows, it’s impossible not to be, right? Besides the amazing story, sometimes we simply fall in love with the interior décor, furniture or lighting pieces. Continue scrolling to see where you can get the following Mid Century Lighting Set that were on Set!

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A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!

If you’re a design professional or lover, this might actually be the right Netflix’s show for you! Get ready to be inspired by the mesmerizing sophisticated, elegant and unique décors! The show “stars longtime soap star-turned-real estate mogul Chrishell Hartney, née Chrishell Stause, along with other members of the Oppenheim Group“, Marie Claire.

A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!

In one of the episodes, mid century lighting enlighted the show! Duke Round was definitely the star! Now that the round shaped lamp is famous, let’s get to know its path towards success!

A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!

modern lamp with a nostalgic vibe from the 70’s! Ideal to display in a mid-century modern living room or even at a lobby of an hotel! Due to a minimalistic design, this suspension lamp is very versatile and it’ll pair up very well with any style décor! Duke Round is handmade in brass and aluminum, and since it’s handmade by talented artisans, that still us ancient techniques to procude these master pieces, you can customize it! Change the color, the finish, the size, and number of shades and let this ‘celebrity’ show up in your house!


A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!

Hospital rooms aren’t exactly the most exciting place on Earth. Nothing good ends in a hospital room, which is why they are always so soberly and sterilely decorated. Well, the set designers at the Sherlock TV Show managed to give it a hint of mid-century modern elegance by adding a beautiful modern light fixture on the bedside table of the hero’s recovery room. Who knows if it didn’t help him heal quicker. Meola, from DelightFULL’s Heritage collection adds a special touch to this scene.


A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!

What can you expect from a movie about a perfect soldier from the future? Quality, innovation, glowy and futuristic beauty. That’s exactly what Ghost in The Cage’ set designers aimed for when they used multiple suspension Coltranes on the ceiling in the scene pictured here. And they really did accomplish their mission. They look really good when they are featured next to ScarJo.


A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!

Marvel’s Luke Cage is one of the hottest superhero shows right now. Super strong, super stylish with a super rich supervillain. Everything is super in this show, and so are the sets. Luxury transpires at every nightclub scene. That’s why the Botti and Coltrane were indispensable in these sets. And don’t they look tremendous!

A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!


A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!

50 Shades of Grey was the Blockbuster of 2015. It was a movie that transpired pure luxury. Class and style were exuding from this movie’s every pore. This movie’s sets were brought especially alive by Ike, Coltrane and Turner lamps. Fitting seamlessly into the sets of this incredibly successful movie, and standing out at just the right times, DelightFULL’s lamps were a touch of elegance in this film’s millionaire protagonist’s apartment.


A delightful Mid Century Lighting Set ... On Set!

This amazing BBC America’s show will make you stay home and watch the entire show! In this specific scene, you can be delighted by the presence of Turner Table Lamp! The great news is that you can have this entire office décor!


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