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Shop The Look: Living Room Design Edition

It’s Shop The Look time! This time Inspiration brings you all the ready to go decor for a perfect living room design just in time for your New Year’s Eve party. All golden, all detailed, these living room design projects prove that golden and minimalism can go hand in hand.

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Shop The Look: Living Room Design Edition

Filled with warm tones this living room by the beach might be the right living room decor you’ve seen in a while and we’ll tell you why. With the right kind of living room decor elements such as mid-century floor lamp, your New Years by the sea will be so much brighter and better.


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Shop The Look: Living Room Design Edition

In a more contemporary setting, this contemporary living room decor is as much bright as you can think. A luxury living room is all about getting each step of the room right. From marble flooring to the accent living room chairs, each piece of this living room style is meant to create a luxury experience.


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