Spagnulo & Partners: The Best Interior Design Projects for Luxury Hotels, of Milan!

Spagnulo & Partners is a reference in Milan when speaking about incredible Interior Design Projects for Luxury Hotels, all over the world! Today, you’ll have the opportunity to know a little bit more about the company’s story and projects!

Are you a design lover? If the answer is yes, continue scrolling, because Inspirations Blog is about to tell you all about one of the best design companies of Milan!

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Spagnulo & Partners was founded by Federico Spagnulo and it’s a reference when speaking about Interior Design Projects for luxury hotels and mansions, in Italy and all over the world. The team has great interior designers and architects that will provide the best solutions for the clients’ need and wishes. The Italian Design company also has strong partnerships with renowed designers such as Alessandra Carbone and Andrea Spagnulo.


Like said before, the company is focused on Interior dsign projects for luxury hotels, however the team has the knowledge and experience that covers the whole filed of Architecture and Design.

The team has done several different types of projects for Hotels, Spas, Villas and Apartments, and they are even involved in product design. When speaking about hotels, the design company operates mainly with hotels classified with four or five stars.

“Thanks to the strong propensity and abroad experience, the Studio has achieved the highest standards recognized all over the world. Stage, timing, mode and the research of materials are fundamental aspects in the design of a luxury hotel. Without this set of skills is not possible to present a tailored approach in the design projects”, Spagnulo & Partners

Thanks to the strong awareness of the company, creating a new project requires a lot of information, for example, the surroundings. Thanks to international projects, Spagnulo & partners have been in touch with countries like India, United States, France, Morocco, Dubai and Russia; reaching top partnerships with Four SeasonsKempinski and Baglioni Hotels“.

However, since day one, the company has been involved in residential design projects. Spagnulo & partners has invested their time to develop large villas and private apartments, always having in mind the architecture planning. The team of design professionals tries to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality “In these areas, Spagnulo & Partners attributes a fundamental role in the research of comfort and individual wellness so that each corner of the house has its own aesthetic and functional value”.

“Attention to detail is necessary to make them more important and welcoming environments through a particular refinement of the materials”

All pictures. Spagnulo & Partners

Projecs full of elegance and with a curate selection of design pieces. Different design styles for every taste, from mid-century design to luxury design, minimalistic style to art déco. Here, the client’s needs are heard in order to fulfill what they invision.

If you want to know even more about the company and if you have a design project in hands, please contact:

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 158
20144 Milan | Italy

PHONE NUMBER: +39 02 97377310


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