Sebastian Herkner: Discovering All Senses Of Cultures Through Product Design

Sebastian Herkner is a German Designer that won of the most important awards in the design field: he was the Designer of the year 2019!

Sebastian has his own studio in Offenbach, a town near Frankfurt, and he is the new reference when speaking about product design.
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Meet The Designer of The Year 2019: Sebastian Herkner!

At the age of 37, Sebastian believes that he is a privileged person, due to the fact that he does what he likes and there is no limit for his passion: I’m a privileged person in general, I can travel the world“. The designer says that one of the most important things is to travel the world because it’s a way to truly understand cultures. “Discovering all senses of a culture is really amazing and that’s also a really huge influence on my work,” discloses Herkner.

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Meet The Designer of The Year 2019: Sebastian Herkner!

When he was a kid, becoming a designer wasn’t his dream. He was also very creative, but never thought of the idea of becoming a product designer. “There’s was fashion, art, culture and painting, but never product design“. The most interesting part of the story is that his passion for product design started because of a flea market! Quickly, he began to start designing and creating his own products in his home town, Offenbach.


“After graduating, he opened his own studio. With a five-person team, the studio does everything from furniture to lighting, accessories and mirrors. It has even spread to tiles and sunglasses now. The designer enjoys diversity and looks at it as a challenge, always focusing on high-quality products and good material”, claims Sebastian.

Meet The Designer of The Year 2019: Sebastian Herkner!

“Our generation is quite privileged thanks to technology, we can access lots of information and we can travel more. But we have a digital life and an analogue life. On the one hand, we have the digital where everything is transparent, and on the other hand, at home, we want to have the quality, like leather, glass, marble. That’s why there has to be a resource for reality, which is important and also part of my design approach.”

Meet The Designer of The Year 2019: Sebastian Herkner!

Sebastian is proud of his high-quality products and the work that he has developed with craftsmen, in order to continue elevating design and craftsmanship. One of his concerns is also the creation of long-lasting products, thinking of a sustainable approach to design: “We don’t have the money or the time to produce more waste. We have to take really good care of our resources. Marble is somehow ending one day. It’s really important that designers think responsibly.” The designer enjoys all the types of projects, and he says that starting a new project is all about getting to know the comapny itself, the members and their DNA. “For Herkner, every project needs to start with dialogue and observation, a collaboration between him and the client, requiring the need for a compromise on both ends. The designer’s style is always evolving, but one thing remains the same is quality while mixing traditional crafts with new technology”.

Meet The Designer of The Year 2019: Sebastian Herkner!

“Dialogue is very important in my work but it’s also a very important message for our generation, to talk to each other, to be curious and open-minded.”

Meet The Designer of The Year 2019: Sebastian Herkner!

Sebastian says that with Europe is rich in culture of quality and craftsmanship: “if you think about the watches from Switzerland, the chocolate from Belgium, the fashion from France, shoes and porcelain from Portugal… This is our European culture and we have to really take care of it. It’s our identity.”

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