Get Inside: Jennifer Aniston’s Astonishing House in LA, let’s check it out!

Peek with us in Rachel Green‘s, 
I mean Jennifer Aniston‘s ?, 
house in Los Angeles

The Friends reunion is officially going to happen, no better way of celebrating that than passing by at Jennifer Aniston‘s home. The American actress got an amazing boost in her actress career, thanks to the 90’s series. So, before you and I can have a look at the revival episode we can take a look into the house she’s now living in with her husband and 3 dogs.

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Check this out: Jennifer Aniston's Astonishing L.A. House.
Jennifer Aniston in her living room.

For Jennifer, the word ‘cosy’ is essential for her house. That’s why she prefers to stay in the kitchen than in her bureau. “It’s much cosier and I’m all about cosy.” is what she answered. That’s how the world also knows her, as a sweet, down-to-earth, and honest human being. That’s why a lot of people are inspired by her, and that’s where we want to jump in. We can give you some inspirational content to have a lookalike interior. So, you can become the one who has an interior like her (and become the ultimate fan ?).

Check this out: Jennifer Aniston's Astonishing L.A. House.
Jennifer Aniston‘s bedroom: cosy and stylish.

Take a look at one of the most private rooms, the bedroom. That’s where the mid-century characteristics play the main role. That’s why a Turner would suit perfectly in the opening of the corridor. The whole room brings the cosy feeling about which Jennifer talked about. It has a relaxed atmosphere, thanks to the exquisite materials used and the mid-century style she used.

Check this out: Jennifer Aniston's Astonishing L.A. House.
Jennifer Aniston’s empowered area, her bureau.

The bureau where she prefers not to stay, because of the immense power she feels while sitting behind her desk. Take a look at all the empowering elements, just like the static rug behind the big chair. There are so many possibilities with decoration, you can always take a look in our ebooks. You’ll find some amazing decoration tips and also take a look at the trends. And you can get the same look, just by adding something more catchy, like the newest Marcus table lamp. It may seem too modern, but just imagine this designer mid-century piece, and you’ll be immediately sold by the idea. Let’s say you improve Jennifer Aniston‘s style, just to your preferences?.

Get the look, or make it more personal.

Check this out: Jennifer Aniston's Astonishing L.A. House.

From her bedroom to the living room. That’s where the magic continues. The mid-century style really comes alive in this big and open area. The colours totally match with the wooden materials, combining colours and materials is what brings peace and makes a room feel whole. Also, take a look at the beautiful suspension above the bar. The big and bold design makes the bar feel extra special. The suspension is the perfect suspensions to accentuate the mid-century style of the room. Take a look at the Galliano Snooker suspension, it would also suit perfectly in this living room. And it looks the same!

Check this out: Jennifer Aniston's Astonishing L.A. House.
The mid-century styled living room.

Get that look ?.

Check this out: Jennifer Aniston's Astonishing L.A. House.

Just like Jennifer said “Every corner you turn, you have an experience. Everywhere you look, you get a vista. We worked very hard to get that flow right.” That’s what makes this home so special to her. The combination of the modern mansion from the outside, with the amazing garden, and the mid-century and cosy interior style on the inside, make this house a perfect place to feel relaxed.

The house was created together with AD100 interior designer Stephen Shadley. The breathtaking garden is made by garden designer Marcello Villano and landscape architect Anne Attinger. The 3 exerts have created, together, the perfect house in Los Angeles for Jennifer Aniston.

Hope you got inspired to start creating the interior design of your dreams. Take a look at DelightFULLS‘s creations to get more inspired.

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