The Mid Century Side of Milan You’ve Never Seen Before!?

?? Buongiorno, and welcome to this tour through “la più bella città nel nord d’Italia”. Let’s discover, together, the Mid Century Side Of Milan.

Enjoy everything you have, and every trip you make. We’re going through a rough time, but let’s enjoy the beautiful and mid-century side of Milan. In this post, you’ll discover places you never been before, and you’ll get to know how much mid-century this big city is! Continue scrolling ⬇️

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The first stop we’ll be making in la bella città di Milano is at the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. There you’ll find, at n°12, the store of the luxury brand, Coccinelle. If you’re not into designer bags ?, don’t worry , you can still go in to enjoy the interior design and exquisite materials used in every designer piece. The soft colours, heaven blue (if that even is a colour ?) and purple-rosé, make you feel very relaxed and surrounded by soft materials.


The combination of the colours and designer pieces makes this store the perfect start for your tour to discover this mid-century side of Milan. Talking about the interior style, take a look at these lamp designs. They are fully from glass, but we’ve got something that would suit even better. Take a look at our Kravitz suspension, same round design but it has a special design and would suit perfectly in the interior. So, you can do better than the Coccinelle‘s store in Milan… (hint hint ?).

The Mid Century Side Of Milan you've never seen before.
The Mid-century style in Coccinelle’s store in Milan has it all.
The Mid Century Side Of Milan you've never seen before.

The next stop in our discovery of the Mid-century side of Milan is the Brera Design District. It may seem like a normal design district, but I’m here to prove you wrong. After 2019’s iSaloni the Design District melted the typical luxurious Italian designs with the mid-century. Resulting in an amazing space with a beautiful and perfect mixture between the two worlds. Take a look at the combination of the typical Italian styled living room, with the Amy table lamp as a mid-century extra touch to make this living room look even more amazing.

The Mid Century Side Of Milan you've never seen before.
The Brera District is the perfect example of how mid-century and another style can be mixed.
The Mid Century Side Of Milan you've never seen before.

The third location where you should stay while you’re discovering the mid-century side of Milan. You should definitely go to the ? Castello Lake Front Hotel. You should see the amazing bedrooms they have in this hotel. It’s all about comfort and finesse, the bedrooms have a typical mid-century style. To make this room complete the hotel has installed Galliano wall lamps in every room, to bring a nice mini light spectacle ? to every room.

The Mid Century Side Of Milan you've never seen before.
One of the luxury rooms of the Castello Lake Front Hotel.
The Mid Century Side Of Milan you've never seen before.

And the last place you should visit to make sure you saw every mid-century side of Milan, is the T’a Milano restaurant. The restaurant is very recognisable, because of the blue colours and the very mid-century styled interior. And the amazing restroom made entirely out of marble. It’s one of the best examples of how you can mix mid-century with modern and functional design elements. So, when you’re hungry and in the middle of your adventure to discover the mid-century side of Milan, don’t forget to grab a coffee and eat one of their fantastic meals; because their food is just: “Mamamia ?”.

The Mid Century Side Of Milan you've never seen before.
The stylish interior of the T’a Milano restaurant.

So, next time that you’ll be planing to visit Milan, you should definitely take a look at all of these amazing locations and experience the mid-century side of Milan! They are worth it and are Instagram-worthy ?. Even if you’ve never been to Milan before, you’ll be amazed by everything this city has to offer. And who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired by all of these amazing places to start your own renovating project at home ?.


The Mid Century Side Of Milan you've never seen before.

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I hope you feel triggered to back your bags and want to go discovering
the Mid Century Side Of Milan!

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