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Get Inside: Let’s Get Loud 馃攰 In Jennifer Lopez’s $6,6 Million Malibu-house!

By far one of the most successful Latin artists of the 10鈥檚, Jennifer Lopez 鈥 aka JLo 鈥 hasn鈥檛 stopped putting up shows as she did by the beginning of this millennium. Just like her performance during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show with Shakira. So, to celebrate that success, she opened up her Malibu-house and boy/girl this is what you鈥檝e always dreamed of!

Let鈥檚 take a look at Jennifer Lopez鈥榮 4,404-square-foot home that costs over 馃く $6,6 million. Where she鈥檒l be staying a couple of times with her family and friends. Today we鈥檒l be taking a look into this immense beach house and discover how her children will probably play a lot of 鈥榟ide-and-seek鈥. 馃槈

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Jennifer Lopez
The modern kitchen, with a beautiful ocean view.

The first thing that you see in Jennifer Lopez鈥榮 beach house, is that it鈥檚 open and very clear and keen; exactly how a mid-century modern house should be. Not only because of these characteristics but also because her house is only decorated and made with detail for quality and luxury. This luxury feeling can even be upgraded by adding a nice Coltrane suspension in this space.

Jennifer Lopez
The perfect suspension for the kitchen and dining room, the Coltrane suspension lamp.

After we visited the kitchen where Jennifer Lopez would certainly prepare the most delicious meals, we go further to the first living space. Her beach house with 4 levels, has the main colour: white. White brightens the room and makes it feel way bigger than it already is. This room combines every mid-century we saw in the kitchen and dining room. It鈥檚 a nice place to stay in and thanks to these huge windows there鈥檚 a lot of natural light coming in. But, of course, by night that would have another effect. That鈥檚 why you should always have an impressive suspension that creates a spectacle and beautiful reflection if you leave your windows open. A creative suspension just like the amazing Brubeck chandelier.

Jennifer Lopez
The first living room, on the main floor level.
Jennifer Lopez
The Brubeck chandelier will bring extra luxury to the living room.

We should now go down one level in this beach house. Jennifer Lopez isn鈥檛 only good at singing, but she can also act very well. No better way of watching a movie in which you play yourself than in your private theatre. Yes, even this beach house has its own theatre. So, it鈥檚 just a matter of taking some 馃嵖 and a馃イ before you she can settle quietly in with her family and watch a movie. Did you know that DelightFULL has a couple of lamps that already featured in other movies and series, so why shouldn鈥檛 she put a Turner table lamp in this room, to create an extra fancy effect? As these lamps were also seen in the only 50 Shades of Grey movies.

Jennifer Lopez
The room where they can watch movies where Jennifer Lopez herself played in, or not 馃槣.
Jennifer Lopez
The Tina table lamp.

This house really has very much space and there are many more rooms to cover. As there are 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, the entertainment room, one kitchen, 3 balconies and on one of them even has a jacuzzi. So, Jennifer Lopez鈥榮 will absolutely have enough space to enjoy the time she鈥檒l be spending there with her family.

Hope you got inspired to get a similar looking house as Jennifer Lopez. Take a look at DelightFULLs creations to get more inspired.

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