It’s Time To Enjoy Your Kitchen During This Quarantine!

You probably heard this before; The kitchen is the center of every house, especially during this quarantine! Let’s find out some tips and tricks on how we can enjoy our kitchen even MORE. 

Let’s admit it, the kitchen is one of the most important places in the house, it’s where the magic happens. And now that we have so much time, we should take advantage and make this place even more FABULOUS!

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So let’s start with what we call, the decluttering! Oh, how much stuff we have that we in all probability don’t use AT ALL. So start by selecting the unused things, put them in boxes (or not, if you don’t want to) and organize them under the sink, shelves, or any place where you can’t see them. Don’t be too attached, and throw away the things you don’t need, or if you’re kindhearted you can give them to someone who is in need of them. What you also can do, is recycle or keep them for another day to DIY them. 

It’s time to enjoy your kitchen during this quarantine

Now that we decluttered our kitchen, we move to the next step which is reorganizing. One good tip I can give you is, think strategically. Stort first by frequency of use. Glasses, plates, and casseroles should be the easiest to reach. I promise you, you don’t have to start heavy lifting in the kitchen. Organize items by type and size, this way you will create more space you can use. Next to that, the whole family will now have no excuse for not helping because they can’t find stuff in the kitchen.

It’s time to enjoy your kitchen during this quarantine

After your made-over of your drawers and cabinets, and counter you can now move on to the fun part. Kitchens shouldn’t be all formal and tight, add some accessories. If your kitchen is all white, then you should add some color into it, it can be your utensils, a small photo frame of you and your family, as it can be a unique and colorful lamp. Of course, this last one is a must, the kitchen must provide the best lighting, not only because it’s pleasant to cook in good lighting, but it’s also important for your and your family’s safety… So you might as well add a good one to add an eye-grabbing effect. 

It’s time to enjoy your kitchen during this quarantine

And last but not least, invite your family to enjoy cook the recipe you chose from your favorite cookbook! Trust me, cooking in a clean, uncluttered, and playful kitchen is so much more fun. 

It’s time to enjoy your kitchen during this quarantine

All our appreciation and respect go to all the people who are staying home and making the best out of this situation. We hope you had a fun read and you start enjoying your kitchen as much as we are. Stay home, stay safe

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