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Get Inspired by The Best Italian Trends of 2020!

Are you at home and always searching for new ideas? Thinking of you, today’s topic is no other than the Italian Trends for 2020! Get the inspiration you need right now to create the most amazing designs!

In harder times, like the one we are living now, we must focus on the good things we have in life! What could be better than looking at the new Italian trends that are bombing right now!? 

It´s with passion, fun, glamour and innovation that the most predominant Italian designers create new styles and trends! You can only expect high quality ideas from a country that is always one of the leaders and vanguards in the Interior design Industry! Keep reading and get inspired by this looks and opportunities we brought you today!

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This year, in order for your creations to be in vogue with the new Italian Trends, you must do a strong use of color! Without forgetting the whites and neutrals you can create mixes of different shades to create amazing effects. We are talking about greens, reds and even blues that will bring the best of your décor skills.

Take a look on this DelightFULL work: the blue painted wall makes the most of the Sinatra Suspension Lamp and the furniture, right!? Ready to take a risk?

Get Inspired by The Best Italian Trends of 2020! 2

If you are an interior designer you should know that every detail is important and a game changer to the final look! In that way, you must conjugate the right tactile finishes and choose the ideals soft materials to have in your décor project! Natural leather is a great way of having this particular style of the 2020’ Italian Trends.

Don´t you think the Coltrane Wall Lamp fits perfectly with the tactile couch and the rug? This mid-century piece is a great way of connecting all your different styles in one single space without losing the chic and high quality you desire!

Get Inspired by The Best Italian Trends of 2020! 3

Looking for some boldness? If you are then this is the right style for you from the Italian Trends we brought you today! Whether if you are into round corners pieces, sculptural shapes or a mix you will make an amazing statement as an interior designer if you use this trend!

On the picture above you see a mix of a sculptural table and a rounded lighting piece! The Donna Table lamp has the ability of giving you décor project an extra glamour and a elegant vibe to your space!

What are you thinking so far about the Italian Trends we brought you?


Get Inspired by The Best Italian Trends of 2020! 4

Yes, neon is back and with style! Using this type of lighting you are able to create incredible effects and turn every space into a modern and fun space! DelightFULL gives an entire graphic collection for you to be able to choose the best neon style and the letter you want! If you want to know more about the K letter featured in the picture click here.

Get Inspired by The Best Italian Trends of 2020! 5

What greater way of having natural vibes in your home than having a vertical garden? Yes, you read it correctly: a vertical garden! This is the most alternative style from the Italian Trends we have shown you so far but is also the cutest one! Biophilia is trending all over the world and you cannot be left behind! Go ahead and make best of this idea!

Did you notice the wonderfull lighting piece? It´s the Etta Pendant Lamp! This lighting has a nostalgic and feminine retro glow that goes well with almost everything!

Get Inspired by The Best Italian Trends of 2020! 6

Every décor project needs a little touch of coziness and what better way of getting that than with an amazing contemporary fireplace! You can also, for example, match a stylish and modern fireplace with an elegant lighting! Look how  the Abbey Floor Lamp works sophistically with all the décor details!

I SALONI 2020 

Get Inspired by The Best Italian Trends of 2020! 8

The I Saloni is one of the most expected events in the world of design and luxury, however due to the recent pandemic crisis, created by the Covid-19, the event was forced to post pone the event to the week of 13th of April of 2021! Keep in mind that this event is incredible and is a great way of being updated with the latest trends from all over the world! In that way, you must save this new date in your agenda and don´t miss an opportunity to be in directly in contact with the new Italian Trends in 2021!

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