Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas To Warm Up Your Soul ☀️

Summer is just around the corner and this means that we are going to spend more time outside than inside, so it’s quite important to start your Outdoor renovation now!

Summer is almost here, and the warm wheather invites us to go outside and spend some quality time with our family and friends. We’ve been facing a rough period, however it is importan to #stayhome to protect humankind. Thus, it has never been so important to head to our small backyard or garden to take some fresh air and forget about our problems for a couple of moments! Inspirations Blog will show you the best outdoor lighting designs and also furniture combinations, so your can warm up your outside space with these mesmerizing and refreshing outdoor décor ideas!

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Outdoors are usually underrated, and people don’t usually spend time decorating it, the thing they don’t know is that they are losing the chance to create something unique that will make a lot of memories with family and friends.

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Having a meal outside like dinner, having a rink, enjoying a nice cup of coffee in a lazy Sunday sound better if it’s outside. Besides that, like we said before, Summer is just around the corner and we believe that the situation will be fixed, so  barbacue season will be a huge thing, so start preparing your outdoor entertaining!

Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas To Warm Up Your Soul ☀️

One of the biggest summer trends will definitely be mid-century outdoor décor – the mix between the present and the past, searching for an endless summer. You really need to take your outdoor space to another level by getting inspired by fun outdoor décor ideas, inspired in the golden years of the fifties and sixties.


Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas To Warm Up Your Soul ☀️
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We usually say that our grandparents were the ones to know how to have a blast, so let’s grab this mid-century inspiration and place it in our balcony, garden or backyard! The key to have a stunning outdoor décor is to select the best outdoor lighting pieces, and also the right furniture combinations.

This mood board’s vibe can be your source for inspiration! Besides having the right outdoor lighting and furnishing, a fresh sun bleached color palette with warm hues is essential to create the feeling of a never ending Summer! The best part is that Inspirations Blog will guide you, and will give you the best tips of how to put together a DIY outdoor project:


Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas To Warm Up Your Soul ☀️

Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas To Warm Up Your Soul ☀️


Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas To Warm Up Your Soul ☀️


Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas To Warm Up Your Soul ☀️
Fable – Essential Home

This beautiful contemporary swing will make you travel back in time into your favorite memories from your childhood and emotions. Fable swing  is lacquered stainless steel and copper joints hold a unique swing sofa that will surely add some movement to your outdoor decor project this summer giving it a stunning elegance.

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