The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

Palma de Mallorca is an island known for its light, elegant, and simples designs with noble and natural materials. Although best known for La Seu, its imposing 13th-century Gothic cathedral, Palma de Mallorca is home to many extraordinary pieces of architectural brilliance. In this article, we will find out the most impressive Top 12 Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores.

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1. Aquaaquae

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

Aquaquae has more than 1250 square meters where you will be able to find inspiration or perhaps that unique product that will make a difference in your home. They have the best signatures and brands of elements for interior design, which they use in interior design projects created by their design department. Among Aquaaquae store they have a multitude of brands including Rimadesio, Duravit, Tribu, Paola Lenti, Antonio Lupi, Flexform, Roda, Poliform, etc. Last but not least, it is the space dedicated to the different outdoor environments and terraces, in which color and design are protagonists in the composition of spaces.

2. B Connected Mallorca

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

Located in the heart of Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca, B Connected Mallorca, and its extraordinary showroom bring a unique approach to design and interiors by integrating all of the elements that go into building a home and creating a lifestyle. The showroom is a window into the B Connected Mallorca vision and it is a place of inspiration with a practical, hands-on approach to designing a space. With an experienced team, the showroom is a creative design studio where ideas, solutions, suggestions, and exchanges are part of the daily rhythm.

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3. Bondian

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

Bondian Living was founded in Madrid in 2004 as a German-Spanish firm dedicated to interior design architecture. Apart from the office in Madrid, Bondian Living opened its first store with an interior design section in the city center of Palma de Mallorca in 2013. In a historical palace located in the old town and that has its own courtyard, the 400 square meters shop offers a wide selection of design furniture and Mediterranean style home accessories. Fresh and light colours and an exclusive collection of international fabrics and high-quality materials such as wood and hydraulic tiles give shape to the very essence of this unique, special showroom. All projects are carried out bearing the client’s opinion in mind from start to finish, always with the aim of coming up with optimal, personalized concepts in terms of home and space design.

4. Espacio Home Design

At Espacio Home Design they believe that design is the point of balance between science and art. There you will find every possibility related to kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, wardrobes and dressing rooms, and home automation in Palma de Mallorca. They will create the space that best suits their clientele’s needs. What has always been most important to Espacio Home Design is being able to improve on their customers’ homes through attention, dedication, and service-mindedness, always presenting the best solutions possible. Espacio Home Design has 7 showrooms in Palma de Mallorca.


5. Espacio Scena

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

Espacio Scena is the engineering branch of Espacio Home Design. With more than 15 years of experience and a professional team made up of highly qualified engineers, architects, designers, and technicians to shape technological interior design. In the interior design part, they have five showrooms in the city of Palma differentiated by firm and products. In each of the company’s centers, you will be attended by professionals specialized in the sector who will advise you. 

6. Far East Palma

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

Far East Palma is a cozy boutique café where you can shop handmade interior items while trying delicious pastries. It was created by Caroline and Jens Gronquist, a Swedish couple that chooses Palma de Mallorca to live and work.

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7. Helen Cummins Slow Living Mallorca

Helen Cummins is a lifestyle editor, publisher, and successful entrepreneur, who has lived and worked in Palma de Mallorca for the past 20 years. Fashion and home interior styling is an aspect of her work that brings Helen immense satisfaction. She has a fashionista’s sense of style and design – which is reflected in her own extensive and chic wardrobe.

8. Living Dreams

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

Living Dreams has been a steadily growing company with international customers since 2002, especially in the Balearic Islands. This prompted them to open a new concept store in Palma de Mallorca in a beautiful, historic city palace. Here their customers can find everything to do with living, from the curtains to the beautiful tables for indoors and outdoors. Their core competencies include the manufacture of their own contemporary products and the import of unique items from all over the world for home and garden. The lounge on the first floor with the premium bar invites the clientele to linger as well as a visit to the beautiful rooms with the large range of their own collection and accessories.

9. Oma Project

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

Oma Project Mallorca was created by Nail Mani, established in the neighborhood of Santa Catalina. This store has craftsmanship, art, culture, and handmade design. The space of inspiration is dynamic and ever-changing, Oma Project Mallorca is also home to bespoke interior design and styling services, offering hand-picked and custom-made furniture thanks to its excellent network of artisans and artists with the aim to create authentic, sustainable, warm, and soulful interiors.

10. Quadratmeta Design

Quadratmeta Design was founded by a due of designers from Germany creating interior design concepts. They building custom-made furniture and sell unique decor products at their showroom and office in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. Together “we decided to embark on this voyage in which we dedicate us to change the life of different spaces and moved on the island”. The sea, light, and stimulating surroundings inspire their work. and there it was Quadratmeta a rose by bringing a design store and interiors studio to life with offering local crafts, objects from the world, and restored antique furniture.

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11. Rialto Living

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

A wealth of design experience, exquisite taste, and an eye for the unusual, inspire Rialto Living’s lifestyle concept. The helpful, dedicated, and professional store team adds to the inspiring environment. Rialto Living doubled in size from its original 800 square meters, following its expansion into Can O’Ryan. When the owners bought the property in 2012 it hadn’t been renovated since 1911. Their 21st-century renovation included the restoration of some of the original architectural features of this Baroque-style property, creating a superb setting for their enlarged range of departments and products. In their interior department, you can find everything you need for your Mallorcan home.

12. The Why Factory

The Extraordinary Palma de Mallorca Showrooms and Design Stores

In their showroom, they present you with the best furniture and indoor and outdoor lighting. The Why Factory selects for you the most exclusive and original products, with the aim of transforming spaces and creating ambiances full of character, distinction, and comfort tailored to the needs of their client. Modernity and design to the service of comfort.


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