Open Space: 5 Steps To Have The Best Décor

Open space is one of the latest trends that have arrived and managed to create roots in the new styles that show up since then. With clear characteristics, this game changing style found very quickly a place in our tastes when it comes to home décor!

If you doubt of this open space trend we are here to convince you the opposite! Today we show you how in 5 steps you can have a space that will make you fall in love! You have lots of room, natural light and a connection that you can´t have when you have walls separating every division!

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Looking for a way that allows you being with your guests while cooking? The solution is an open space! Without any walls and barriers you get to see what is happening and get in touch with your family and friends. Always remember that if in life simplicity is the key to have the best time then in décor you should apply the same rule without forgetting style and passion!



The Coltrane Floor Lamp will give your open space an sophisticated and aesthetical design that will be able to connect all the decorative elements with the furniture you might have in your kitchen, living room and dining room! Handmade in brass and aluminum this lighting piece won´t go unnoticed!


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This amazing open space has, for sure, stated one thing: good taste! With white and grey shades we get an incredible feeling when looking at the arrangement of the decoration. The transition from the kitchen to the living room is smooth and relaxing!  Plus, don´t you think the lighting in here is perfect?



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Looking for a discreet yet important suspension light in your space? With Ella 6 suspension you get that and more! Once again, you are able to give your open space the best of both worlds: glamour and clean lines!


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If there´s one thing that this pictures breaths is innovation and that suspension light is the star! The Coltrane Suspension light is a mid-century lighting piece that brings the modernism incorporated in simple lines. Your open space would look terrific with one of this lighting piece, don´t you believe!?


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It´s important to have in mind that your open space will be daily used by you to do many things: cook, eat, relax and have fun. In that way you must conjugate style and comfort making the most of your home! Warms colors, nice rugs and lighting pieces tend to be very effective in this field!



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This amazing floor lamp is handmade in brass and marble and gives the comfort you´ve been looking for to your open space! Mixing a nordic and mid-century vibes, the Armstrong Floor Lamp, can reach 59.1 inches with the help of the adjustable balance arm!


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 You can look at thousands of pictures, styles, designs and projects but in the end you must give your personal touch and opinion when decorating your open space! It´s you who will be living there and you need to enjoy and like everything: from the small cup of tea to your amazing wall lamp!



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Your open space will be vibrant and energetic with the Turner Wall Lamp! Why? Well, it was inspired in the amazing moves of Tina Turner and embodies all her energy in its brass and aluminum details!


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