Mid Century Lighting Is Taking Over Madrid!

Madrid is the city of design, and it’s falling for Mid Century Lighting! This particular style is one of the top trends of the year, and today we’ll present the best of it!

When speaking about mid-century design, it’s impossible not to think immediately about DelightFULL. The Portuguese design brand has a wide selection of lighting designs inspired by the classics of the golden years and the jazz industry. All the pieces are handmade in brass by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to continue elevating design and craftsmanship. Today, we selected the Pastorius Lighting Family! Continue scrolling and find out everything about it!

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Mid Century Lighting Is Taking Over Madrid!

Madrid is one of the top cities when speaking about interior design, architecture or important design showrooms. It’s impossible not to fell in love with this cosmopolitan city, always updated with the latest trends! Mid-Century Design is one of the leading trends, and the Spanish city had to have a little glow of the golden years! Check the lighting piece that has been on the list of the top choices!



Mid Century Lighting Is Taking Over Madrid!

Just as the influential Jaco Pastorius jazz composer but also as gifted electric guitar player, Pastorius standing lamp revives the 70’s design aesthetics with a dual character. The result is a sophisticated and highly functional brass floor lamp with two distinct diffusers that can be lit alternatively. Therefore, the vintage floor lamp allows you to point the light where you need it the most.

Mid Century Lighting Is Taking Over Madrid!

Pastorius is the ideal corner light for your mid-century living room and reading corner since this versatile floor lamp can provide any space the perfect reading lighting.

Mid Century Lighting Is Taking Over Madrid!

The black and white floor lamp has a structure made of brass and lamp shades in acrylic and aluminum with a matte black and glossy white exterior. Click on the image, so you can have this floor lighting piece in a couple of weeks!


Mid Century Lighting Is Taking Over Madrid!

Pastorius wall lamp has an industrial chic style and features swing arms that are an American classic. Sophisticated and modern, Pastorius arm lamp complement any interior design. Its extendable arm built of brass can be adjusted into different positions and extends up to 26”.

Mid Century Lighting Is Taking Over Madrid!

The handle made of steel with a matte black finishing gives you the possibility to adjust the lamp shade upwards or downwards. With a vintage feeling, the flexible lamp shade has matte black exterior and a matte white interior finishing. Pastorius accordion extension and flexible head make this industrial wall sconce perfect as a bedside reading lamp or as a workbench lighting.


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