A DelightFULL presence in Selling Sunset!

We are sure that we have those days, where Netflix and chill seem the best plan in the entire world … what if we told you that mid-century lighting enlighted the famous Selling Sunset show?

Sulling Sunset is a Netflix show that is an “elite real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group sell the luxe life to affluent buyers in LA. The drama ramps up when a new agent joins the team“. Mid-century lighting has invaded the show, so you have to continue scrolling to discover which DelightFULL’s piece appeared on this TV show! Keep reading to find out all of the entire story!

A DelightFULL presence at Selling Sunset!

A woman nervously walks through the doors of a stylishly decorated office, greeted by the flashing (fake) smiles of her new coworkers. This is Selling Sunset, our latest TV obsession, brought to us courtesy of Netflix“, Marie Claire

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A DelightFULL presence at Selling Sunset!

If you’re a design professional or lover, Sulling Sunset might actually be the right Netflix’s show for you! Get ready to be inspired by the mesmerizing sophisticated, elegant and unique décors! The show “stars longtime soap star-turned-real estate mogul Chrishell Hartney, née Chrishell Stause, along with other members of the Oppenheim Group“, Marie Claire.

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A DelightFULL presence at Selling Sunset!


In one of the episodes, mid-century lighting enlightened the show! Duke Round was definitely the star! Now that the round-shaped lamp is famous, let’s get to know its path towards success!

A DelightFULL presence at Selling Sunset!


A modern lamp with a nostalgic vibe from the ’70s! Ideal to display in a mid-century modern living room or even in the lobby of a hotel! Due to a minimalistic design, this suspension lamp is very versatile and it’ll pair up very well with any style décor!

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A DelightFULL presence at Selling Sunset!
Duke Round Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL

Duke Round is handmade in brass and aluminum, and since it’s handmade by talented artisans, that still us ancient techniques to produce these masterpieces, you can customize it! Change the color, the finish, the size, and a number of shades and let this ‘celebrity’ from Netflix’s Selling Sunset show up in your house!

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